• Christian Z
  • Other, Administrative Assistant, Traffic Controller
  • 24 years old from Docklands, VIC


To whom it May Concern, Good day, My name is Christian ammit. I am 23 years old from Malta currently living in Docklands Australia. I appreciate this opportunity to introduce myself at your company and I perceive it as a perfect opportunity to support my application. I am a graduate student at the department of Maritime Studies at the Maritime College of MALTA MCAST. I have obtained my Officer of Watch License. My First experience on ships was with an Italian Company ITALTEAM and then I continued with CMA GM. I was on CMA CGM LIBRA and CMA CGM LEO as part of my training. Some of the important courses I have attended in University are ''Logistics'‘, ''Transport Economics’’ and 'Organization and Management of Ports'. During the last 2 years I was working in one of the leading Shipping Companies in Malta as a member of the Operations Department as the Operations Executive in charge of vessels for global companies such as Hamburg SUD and many other global companies. Due to involvement with shipping containers I have a good basic knowledge how Imports/Exports happens. In the same company I have been also appointed as Ship Registration Executive, Registering Vessels under the MALTA Flag. With my educational background as well as my professional experience, I strongly believe that I am a suitable in your company. In addition, I have a keen interest in Navy Vessel which I had the opportunity to work with one of biggest Navy Logistics Companies under the NSPA contract, GDL. I dare to say that I am a really hardworking and responsible person and I can guarantee that I will place high investments of effort in order to successfully cope with any tasks that I will be given. I love collaborating with people with the same goals and I believe that working in an international environment is a different but at the same time a perfect experience. Thank you for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Yours faithfully, Christian ammit


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