• Anil k
  • Customer Service Team Leader
  • 58 years old from Ballarat, VIC


I am a person with a positive and flexible outlook, who can provide a high standard of customer service, resolve problems and multi task. A person who is an experienced Transport professional, and has extensive supervisory/managerial experience. I am the person you are looking for! You will note in my resume that I have over 35 years’ experience in supervisory/managerial roles with the vast majority of my time being in transport based customer service/administrative roles. I am seeking a position which will allow me to utilise the skills and knowledge that I have, whilst allowing me to develop. I wish to be in a position that offers empowerment and responsibility, together with exciting new challenges. I am seeking a full time or long term contract position that will provide a good work/life balance, with a company that recognises my skills and what I have to offer. It is my intention to continue working in a full time role for at least the next 8 to 10 years. Whilst I do not have a degree, I do have qualifications in Leadership, Risk management, Transport Health and Safety, First Aid, Track Safety, and Fatigue Management. I have completed courses in Instruction, Equity and Diversity, and Hazard identification/management. I can bring to any role an extensive knowledge of, and experience in, customer relations, transportation safety, as well as a genuine desire to help people. Many of the supervisor/managerial and safety skills I have would be transferable to a wide variety of roles. My previous roles, particularly with Airservices Australia, required high pressure time management skills and a critical attention to detail. My main role was resolving problems and communicating with external organisations such as airlines, defence forces and international organisations. I supervised teams in excess of 20 people. I have an extensive geographical knowledge gained from my time at both Airservices and V/Line. I also have developed excellent communication skills, particularly public speaking and verbally conveying vital information. I have used two way radio systems for most of my working career. I resided in Melbourne for over 40 years in both the Eastern and Western Suburbs and have an extensive knowledge of the major roads. For the last 10 years, I have lived in Ballarat and have an extensive knowledge of Western Victoria. I have worked shift work for most of my working life and would have no problem with the hours and travel required in any role. I am looking for positions within an hour of Ballarat, including Geelong, Daylesford, Maryborough, and Ararat I am available to start immediately.


  • Staff Management and Supervising
  • Communication Skills
  • Customer Service