• Fredrick O
  • Recruitment Agent
  • 24 years old from Sydney, NSW


I am an Indonesian currently studying in Australia. Currently I am enrolled to the Master of Business (Enterprise Resource Planning System) Degree with Victoria University (Sydney campus). I am currently looking for a part-time job so that I can still have an income while studying my master's degree. I previously worked as an IT Recruiter at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia before I came to Australia to study. I am willing to learn all things in order to be successful in any role that I take, even the roles/positions that are very new to me.


  • Recruiting and Rostering
  • Negotiation Skills

Education History

  • Monash University (Malaysia Campus) current

    Bachelor of Science (Biotechnology)
  • Victoria University (Sydney Campus) current

    Master of Business (Enterprise Resource Planning System)