• Kerry S
  • Customer Service Officer, Call Center Staff - Inbound
  • 48 years old from Seven Hills, NSW


Customer service is a job I have always enjoyed and get great satisfaction from helping people, solving problems and really making a difference in the lives of people. My excellent computer skill have been demonstrated in many of my previous roles where I have been required to listen, advise and assist clients throughout various processes. I have excellent communication skills and enjoy working in an interactive environment like customer service. I am patient but firm with difficult customers and have great experience resolving customer disputes. With many years of experience in the customer service industry, I have developed a warm, approachable and professional manner. Assisting clients while adhering to workplace policy and procedure. During my employment at LG and Freedom, I dealt with a high number of clients on a daily basis in a very busy environment. It was important to be efficient when dealing with clients to manage the high workload, but it was equally important to provide a professional and quality service I received a number of emails from customers during my employment as LG, in recognition of my skills and high standards of customer service. I have received customer service operator of the month on 3 separate occasions. I have experience dealing with complaints and irate customers and I utilise my conflict resolution skills to resolve disputes while staying calm in challenging situations, I show empathy and understanding to my clients when required, however I remain focused on the problem or issue confronting them with the aim of getting the best possible outcome for both parties. Explaining in a way a customer can understand the complex terms of warranty claims while complying with policies and procedures. On many occasions I have had very upset customers, that I been very patient with, listening to the problem so I can help with the issue. I show empathy and understanding while staying focused to the task at hand. I was rewarded with the thanks and appreciation of these customers for solving the problem. It is important to listen to the views of others and to provide feedback to team members when required. I aim to gain the trust and support of my colleagues and I recognise the importance of a positive team culture. I always look for areas where the team can improve efficiency and productivity and I share these ideas amongst my work colleagues in an open and transparent manner. I help an upset clients on a daily basis to best of my ability then if needed will seek clarification and advise to further assist with the claim. If necessary I will escalate but only after I have tried to get all the resources I can from my own research or colleges. I am trained in Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint. Although most of my jobs have primarily been a paperless environment there are always clients the need to provide paper application via mail or over the phone assistance with applications as they do not have the resources to email information for claims. I have been involved with updating processes and training my team on a regular basis, on the current procedures and accurate information needed for our paperless system. Which is important so everyone can understand, comprehend and work together to give our clients the best assistance possible will every claim. When working in a paperless system and assisting clients over the phone with claims it is extremely important to make sure all file notes are accurate, I always double check all information for claims ensuring it is all correct. With the right information and an easy to understand format. This allows others who will access the claim to know what has been done and will not need to cover the same information with the client. If clarification is needed I will always contact he client to make sure all information is correct and make sure to keep in constant contact, even if it to advise I will be in contact by close of business regardless of whether I have an outcome or not, to keep a good repore with the client. I have the ability to learn new systems quickly and adapt to new situations. I take pride in my work to ensure that it is presented accurately, on time and to a high standard. I am confident in my ability to learn how to use any new systems required within a short timeframe. With my experience as a Team leader/SME to train team members to their strengths and abilities. I believe that my existing skills such as word processing, data entry and correspondence with email and various other systems will provide me with a strong platform to learn any new systems if required. I look forward to hearing from you soon and I think I would be a great asset to you company. Regards Kerry cott


  • General Office Duties
  • Inbound Call Centre
  • Communication Skills
  • Customer Service