• Brett t
  • 45 years old from Brisbane, QLD


hi my name is brett owers, I have master 5 and med 3 and also a dogmans ticket. l love the ocean, it is my home. I use to live on the south coast nsw and have just relocated to Brisbane. I have over 55,000 hours at sea and i am safe operator and love people. Im looking for bigger and a better thing with a company/people i can rely on, i am a team leader with vast experience. thanks for your time.


  • Lead Recreational Activities
  • Historian
  • Presentation Skills
  • Dog Walking
  • Tour Guide
  • Travel Agent
  • Tour Operator
  • Driver
  • Staff Management and Supervising
  • Travel Experience


  • Trade Ticket / Certificate
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Certificate
  • White Card / OHS