• Amanda M
  • Last/current workplace: IGA Supermarket
  • 27 years old from Bundoora, VIC


Hi My name is Amanda Marcetic, I go to La Trobe University in Melbourne, Vic. I am doing a bachelor of Arts, my subjects include Anthropology, Literature, English and I am majoring in Journalism. I completed year 12 in 2011 and in 2012 I had a Gap year where I gained new skills working as a waitress in a few different pubs and restaurants in London and Surrey. From my stay overseas I gained a great and rewarding life experience of working in a different environent and travelling Europe's wonderful countries. I am a positive person with good communication skills and time management abilities. I am considerate of others and get along well with everyone. I work efficiently and productively and complete all jobs asked of me. At home I cook and clean regularly and love pending time with family and friends. I love to write and have excellent writing skills. I have experience in hospitality, retail and food management and I have excellent customer service skills.

Employment History

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    IGA Supermarket

    • Jun 2013 - Current
    A very popular and large deli where I had experience in food handling, customer service, cleaning and slicing meat.
  • SPC Fruit Factory

    • Jun 2013 - Current
    Food handling, food packaging, cleaning, machine opperating
  • The Red Lion

    • Jun 2013 - Current
    This is a pub/restaurant in Handcross, West Sussex near London, UK. I worked as a casual waitress and bar tender having experience with pouring drinks, waitressing, food running and customer service.
  • The Running Horses

    • Jun 2013 - Current
    A very high class Pub/Restaurant in Surrey, England. I worked as a waitress, serving high class regular customers and businessmen. I worked here for 4 months full time where I excelled in my waitressing abilities and customer service. I learnt how to cater for Weddings, Funerals and other special events. I can lay out a table al la carte style, arrange a dinning room to fit a group large or small, I have experience with handling busy restaurant environments and keeping customers happy. I know how to pour beverages, wait tables, set and arrange tables and I know every step of proper restaurant service to a high standard.
  • The Shepparton News

    • Jun 2013 - Current
    I spent a week experiencing the field of photography in the local news paper. I went out to many different locations to capture photos for the next days news and I gathered all the information required to accompany the photographs and article. I also got to observe the roles of the journalists as we went on these errands.


  • Phone System
  • Waiting Tables
  • Window Display Design
  • Microsoft Office
  • Cash Register Operation
  • Blog Management
  • Formal Dining Setup
  • Coffee Making
  • Stocking and Inventory
  • Wine and Spirit Knowledge (Sommelier)
  • Stock Control
  • Catering Assistant
  • Cleaning
  • Microsoft Access
  • Electronic Ordering Systems
  • Driver
  • Bar and Beverage Service
  • Womens Fashion
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Shopping Assistance
  • Store Display Design

Education History

  • Grahamvale Primary School current

    • From Jun 2013 - Current
    years Prep to Grade 6. I was elected vice captain for my house. So I had minor experience in leadership.
  • Shepparton High School current

    • From Jun 2013 - Current
    Years 7 to 12
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    La Trobe University Bundoora Capus current

    • From Jun 2013 - Current
    Bachelor of Arts, my subjects include English, Literature, Anthropology and Journalism. I am majoring in Journalism.