• Renae T
  • 36 years old from Adelaide, SA


My name is Renae Turrell and I would like to apply for a position that has come available in your company. I’ve had over 6 years’ experience in clothing retail and 6 years of food retail with Hungry Jacks. From working in the two different retail chains I’ve learnt to work well in groups and to achieve store and personal goals which have been set for me. I’ve also learnt how to provide outstanding customer service, merchandise clothing, train and hire new staff members, assist with management and deal with cusomer problems when raised. Working with Hungry Jacks, I was a part of the OH&S committee, completing food and safety courses which are mentioned in my resume, which lead to a promotion from a casual team member to a manager’s position. While employed at Amart Allsports, I gained additional skills and experience, from front counter operations to on the floor sales. These skills helped me achieve a higher role, from a casual employee to a full time clothing head position. As a clothing head supervisor, I trained staff about product knowledge from different materials and what the benefits are from different brands, teach staff how to merchandise and to show what the best way to sell products to customers to achieve the goals and targets set for us. One of the most rewarding outcomes as a clothing head was exceeding the daily, weekly, monthly sales. While I was employed with Lowes menswear I was able to work my way up from a casual employee to a Part time Assistant manager. I was lucky enough to use some of my skills from Amart Allsports and bring them into Lowes. I love being on the floor helping the customers shop for what they are after and giving them a variety of other choices if they are stuck. While I was working at the Ripcurl at the Adelaide airport I was able to use all my retail skills from the previous retail store and gaining extra retail skills by being surrounded by different nationalities and different walks of life Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you soon. Renae urrell.


  • Childrens Fashion
  • Mens Fashion
  • Selling Shoes
  • Stocking and Inventory
  • Stock Control
  • Cleaning
  • Driver
  • Womens Fashion
  • Shopping Assistance
  • Store Display Design