• Kaleena H
  • 26 years old from Beerwah, QLD


I am confident my previous experience and ability to work as part of a team and love for helping others has helped prepared me well for a position within your company. I am a talented young hard working, team player with excellent skills in customer service and communication. Keen to face any task, I welcome challenges and the opportunity to express my passion for helping others and creating the memory of a life time. Therefore, I believe my skills and personal characteristics make me a perfect match for a position in your organisation. I was an integral member of Horseshoe Bay Café, and have on numerous occasions been in charge of organising business orders and ensuring customer satisfaction that have been integral to the operation of the café. My experience in customer service and my extroverted personality have enabled me to develop excellent interpersonal skills working with a diverse range of customers and fellow staff members. I believe that my personality reflects my ability to give 110 percent in all aspect of my life, and tasks in the workplace, which allows me to provide the 'wow factor' essential within the any industry. Throughout my school years, I was involved in many committees that organised big events around the school community. These include; social events, academic events and I played a major role in the organisation of the school formals and musicals. Leadership positions at both my workplace and school have nurtured these qualities and enabled me to develop many effective communication skills and problem solving abilities. These skills combined with my personal principles of honesty and integrity will certainly be of value to your organisation. An interview would show you the person I am and indicate my communication strengths, professionalism and enthusiasm. Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to speaking with you soon.


  • Kitchenhand
  • Waiting Tables
  • Sales
  • Sales Reporting
  • Recruiting and Rostering
  • Cash Register Operation
  • Selling Shoes
  • Formal Dining Setup
  • Coffee Making
  • Stocking and Inventory
  • Cook
  • Animal Care
  • Catering Assistant
  • Barista
  • Food Handling and Preparation
  • Womens Fashion
  • Fast Food Procedures
  • Staff Management and Supervising
  • Shopping Assistance
  • Marketing


  • Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) Certificate
  • Responsible Conduct of Gaming (RCG) Certificate
  • Food Safety Supervisor (FSS) Certificate
  • Certificate III in Hospitality
  • Workplace Hygiene Procedures Certificate

Personality Type

The Caregivers