• Joshua B
  • 30 years old from Townsville City, QLD


My name is Josh and I just moved here from Perth to be near my family. I am confident, outgoing and positive. Having spent the last a year and a half in sales, I discovered I love the competitive environment. I realised whilst working in this role I was interacting with such a diverse group of people and thrived in this environment. I enjoyed adapting customer service skills and sales techniques to suit each individual client. I am competitive, I found I enjoyed reaching targets provided and exceeding them. I was lucky enough to attend “High Performance” conferences in Sydney, Port Douglas and Perth in my last role. This was considered a reward only provided to the top performing team member's nationally. Throughout my time in the NAVY and afterwards I have been lucky enough to visit many countries. It is now a passion of mine to investigate new places to visit in the future. I enjoy sharing my travel experiences and listening to others and learning tips or places that are a must to see. I would enjoy a team environment and love a challenge. I am confident, I will thrive in the retail industry and love to excel where ever possible. Although my time in the Royal Australian Navy was spent as an Electronic Technician I believe the work ethic's and discipline taught will assist me in my future career as a self motivated individual. I utilised skills learn't in my Defence role and believe they assisted me to do so well whilst working at “Global Syndicate”. My leader was sorry to see me leave and has already contacted me to say that my ability to keep the team motivated and competitive is sadly missed. I hope to be able to discuss this opportunity in more detail with you. I am seeking employment in a company that I can be rewarded by future opportunities whilst advancing in my career.


  • Sales
  • Driver