• Vince d
  • Land Surveyor
  • Last/current workplace: RIVLAND SURVEYORS
  • 61 years old from Wodonga, VIC


25+ years in surveying industry with experience in civil and remote locations

Employment History


    • Mar 2014 - Sep 2014
    March 2014 -Sept 2014 RIVLAND SURVEYORS A Small Survey firm engaged in civil and engineering projects Referee: Chris Sharp (Owner \Director) Ph. Key responsibilities o Discuss survey requirements with Clients/subcontractors o Planning and methodology of survey required o Survey computations from Engineering/civil plans o Accurate set out of buildings, roads & grids o As-built surveys and reports to Clients/subcontractors o Ensure all Equipment is in good working order Key achievements
  • Defence Logistics Transformation Project

    • May 2007 - Mar 2014
    Set out and as built surveys for the Defence Logistics Transformation Project May 2007 -March 2014 ESLERS & ASSOCIATES A Small to Medium Survey/Civil Engineering firm engaged in Land development Referee: Pat Esler (Director) Ph. Key responsibilities o Ensure survey equipment and vehicles are in good order. o Planning and methodology of survey required o Survey computations, digital terrain modelling of field survey o Final drafting of field surveys. o Coach, mentor field assistants Key achievements o Worked on the Building the Education Revolution program Within the Southern New South Wales

    • Jan 2003 - Jan 2007
    AAMGROUP AAM is a geospatial specialist I Was Based in Whyalla South Australia Key responsibilities o Monthly volume surveys at the mine and steel works o Setup and set out of high precision surveys at the steel works o Control surveys for aerial surveys o Volume computations o Updating the Mine's plans /maps Key achievements o Setup and organise the GPS control at the mines (New system) o The construction of a new tailing dam with monthly as built records o The set out and managing the survey work for a new crushing plant at the mines

    • Jan 1992 - Jan 2003
    EARL JAMES & ASSOCIATES A Darwin based survey firm Key responsibilities o Day to day survey work as required Key achievements o Set out of earthworks for the Alice to Darwin Railway o Engineering survey work for the New Port at Darwin o Survey of small remote communities for design of new roads etc. this was usually a week or more away camping o Set out of many of the high rise developments in central Darwin


  • Land Surveying