• Ashutosh N
  • Travel Agent, Store Manager, Mechanic, ... more
  • 28 years old from Regents Park, QLD


Ashutosh Shanu Kumaran ath 178 Vansittart Road, Regents Park QLD / Objective To secure a challenging role an organization offering the opportunity to continue acquiring and developing further skills and knowledge. My aim is to be a worthwhile, dependable and valves team members in a working environment that automotive growth. My major continuing career aim is to foster and develop an outstanding and competitive machine, in the automotive industry. Personal Statement I am a very reliable, hardworking and responsible person. I also possess great communication and customer service skills. I am quite flexible and adaptable to changes in and around my environment. I am very experienced and enjoy the following. Microsoft word, excel, spread sheet, network, customer service booking, video shooting, DJ, cleaning, Mig and arc welding (welded and cut parts using appropriate tools), Engine maintence and overhaul in heavy and light motor vehicles, reconditioned and replaced parts as and when needed, SI engine and fuel system, CI engine and fuel system, quoting new jobs. I also experience working on cars, truck, buses, and earth moving equipment’s.


  • Sales
  • Diesel Mechanic
  • Communication Skills


  • Diploma of Automotive Technology