• Ryan C
  • Bar Manager, Waiter
  • Last/current workplace: R YA N
  • 26 years old from Bondi, NSW


Hello, My name is Ryan ullen, I am a 21 year old male who has just moved to Sydney due to the greater work opportunities. I have vast experience in the hospitality industry and would like to further my skills within that realm. I am currently looking for a myriad of roles as I am open to new things and roles that may challenge me. Thank you in advance, Ryan

Employment History

  • R YA N

    • Apr 2014 - Jan 2015
    R YA N CULLEN Waiter/ Bar Tending RESUME Anise Events Catering April 2014 - January 2015 The nature of this type of work has taught me to think on my feet and to solve problems in a quick and seamless manner. I am
  • The Hotel Brunswick I

    • Jul 2012 - Jan 2015
    July 2012 - January 2015 the city can provide. With experience in both the retail and During my time at The Hotel Brunswick I undertook many jobs; hospitality industry I have been Bar work, games attending, hotel reception and food service, able to cultivate a diverse set of formal and informal. I began this position with no previous bar skills that are applicable in a experience and was promoted to duty manager quickly. I learnt plethora of roles. I ensure I how to work both within a team and to lead a team and provide premium service to each developed exceptional interpersonal and customer service skills. of my customers ensuring a memorable experience and I Retail Assistant believe this is achieved through


  • Kitchenhand
  • Waiting Tables
  • Guest Relations
  • Cash Register Operation
  • Formal Dining Setup
  • Coffee Making
  • Wine and Spirit Knowledge (Sommelier)
  • Cleaning
  • Barista
  • Food and Beverage Serving
  • Food Handling and Preparation
  • Bar and Beverage Service
  • Staff Management and Supervising
  • Front of House Duties
  • Customer Service


  • Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) Certificate

Education History

  • Mullumbimby High School

    • Ended Jan 2012
    Mullumbimby High School Responsible Conduct of 2011 Gambling 2012 Certi cate II in Aviation