• Sean d
  • Security Personnel
  • 39 years old from Nerang, QLD


SEAN DE GELER ? | ? 10 February 2015 RE: Security Dear Sir/Madam, As an experienced Security Professional, with a passion for security in all areas, I am enthusiastic in forwarding my application for this role, and have attached a copy of my resume in support of my application. With 10+ years’ experience in this role, I believe I am ideally suited to this position and meet your requirements as follows: ? Developed and managed security offensive and defensive planning within and around air fields and ports and will apply the same skills within this role. ? During my employment within the Army I would supervise and monitor access control points within the immediate work area, provide training and advise to junior members of the team in regards to reporting, control and administration. ? I am experienced in the use of radio communications equipment and have completed a communication specialist course within the Military. ? Supervised staff in the day to day operation of military security and asset management systems and have the knowledge to oversee the design and deliver of Security Management Systems, ? During deployment to Timor Leste as a Fuel/Security supervisor within the Aviation task force, I was in regular liaison with the Military Aviation and Maritime sectors to aid maintaining the overall security of the operation, and the similar will be applied in liaising with relevant authorities and regular bodies in this role. ? Supervised staff in the continuous upgrade and local defence of the forward operating refuelling facility by constructing perimeter defences, regular monitoring and reporting any changes of the area and securing of stores and equipment prone to theft and sabotage. I believe I have the leadership skills to be strategic in continuously improving the security and port systems, performances and procedures. ? I hold 18 months of experience in the overall security of the aviation fuel installation in a developing country being Timor Leste and am capable to apply the same knowledge and experience in the management and security operations required in this role. In addition, I am articulate, confident and approachable with the ability to build rapport and work well with people of all levels, am self-motivated and accustomed to working in teams and adapting my approach to meet business requirements. On the personal front I am organised, have good attention to detail and pride myself on my ability to produce creative solutions to problems and to improve processes and systems. I reiterate my enthusiasm for this role, and would welcome the opportunity to meet you to learn more about your client and this position. Thank you for your time. Yours sincerely Sean de Geler


  • Security Guards
  • Crowd Control Management


  • Security Officer (Crowd Controller) Certificate
  • Certificate II in Security Operations