• Dennis T
  • Data Analyst
  • Last/current workplace: QuEST Global Engineering
  • 37 years old from Glen Waverley, VIC


I was a Lead Analysis Engineer at QuEST Global Engineering. I have ten years of experience in aeronautical engineering, and have spent the past three years in a team-leading role. I have attained a Bachelor of Engineering (Aerospace), and also have an ongoing commitment to my own professional development and training. I have acquired a multitude of skills in my career as an analyst engineer and have brought extensive technical knowledge and experience to all projects I had participated in during my tenure at QuEST Global Engineering. In my role as a lead analysis engineer, I have had extensive experience in managing team members to complete projects efficiently, on time, exceed industry quality standards and within budget. I am skilled at being able to determine the most suitable methods/procedures for each task, and am able to delegate work to team members appropriately. I take pride in both my problem solving/troubleshooting skills and my ability to draw out ideas from my team members. I am also frequently asked to offer technical guidance to both my team members and other colleagues. I am accustomed to discussing project progress with both clients and senior management and conduct negotiations with both the client and senior management to meet client expectations whilst adhering to strict industry standards. With my attention to detail I have the gained delegated technical authority of the Quality Management System to review and validate data prior to its release to clients. In my career as an analysis engineer, I have acquired technical, analytical and interpersonal skills that allow me to complete my tasks efficiently with high standards. I have developed technical expertise in the use of Microsoft Excel. I am capable of managing, collating, and manipulating vast amounts of data using intelligent analysis techniques and automation to complete deliverables. I am highly versatile in that I am able to applying my technical knowledge across multiple platforms. As such I have become a software expert for proprietary tools of various clients, and I am often allocated to multiple projects simultaneously. I also have extensive experience in liaising between multiple technical disciplines and understand the importance of multidisciplinary teamwork. My high level of organisation is a natural aptitude that I have been able to build on throughout my broad industry experience. I pride myself on my ability to minimise risk in all projects I participate and my conflict resolution skills have been invaluable to both my teams and clients. I am looking for a role that will continue to expand my capabilities and challenge me in a positive way.

Employment History

  • QuEST Global Engineering

    • Jan 2011 - Current
    QuEST Global Engineering, Melbourne, Australia Analysis and Checking Manager Technical authority to review and approve analysis work performed, including but not exclusive to calculation files and industry compliant technical reports prior to release to clients. Engineering Lead Analyst Development of analysis methods and processes, which fulfil industry requirements and client satisfaction. Engaged in communications with clients to deliver tailored products whilst maintaining high industry quality standards. Skilled in negotiations regarding project schedule and delivery dates.
  • Boeing Aerostructures Australia

    • Jan 2011 - Jan 2012
    Boeing Aerostructures Australia, Melbourne, Australia Engineering Analyst Secondment from Quest Global Engineering. Performed analysis tasks using Excel and proprietary tools to comply with Boeing's quality standards. Documented and reported findings to managers ahead of deadlines.
  • Spirit Aerosystems

    • Jan 2008 - Dec 2008
    Spirit Aerosystems, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA 2008 Engineering Consultant Secondment from GKN Aerospace Engineering Services. Provided technical advice for the completion of tasks required for flight test certification with the Federal Aviation Administration. Documented and reported findings to managers ahead of deadlines.
  • GKN Aerospace Engineering Services

    • Jan 2005 - Jan 2011
    GKN Aerospace Engineering Services, Melbourne, Australia Engineering Analyst Performed analysis tasks using Excel and proprietary tools for clients with high security clearance requirements. Documented and reported findings to managers ahead of deadlines. IT Tools Co-ordinator Coordinated and managed approved tools for projects. Managed updates and new tools between the client and the IT department for deployment. Ensured tasks are completed using the correct tools as required by clients.


  • Other


  • Bachelor of Engineering

Education History

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    RMIT University

    • Jan 2001 - Jan 2004
    Tertiary , RMIT University, Bachelor of Engineering (Aerospace Engineering), Honours Class 2B
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    The Sir Lawrence Wackett Centre for Aerospace Design Technology, (RMIT University)

    • Ended Jan 2004
    2004 The Sir Lawrence Wackett Centre for Aerospace Design Technology (RMIT University), Courses completes: - Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Technology Design & Airworthiness - Design & Airworthiness of Helicopters Further Studies - MSC PATRAN, NAS120, MSC Software, Melbourne, Australia
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    RMIT Sir Lawrence Wackett Centre current

    - MSC PATRAN, PAT302, MSC Software, Melbourne Australia - Practical Stress Analysis (PSA) Certificate Program, Idaho USA - CATIA V5 Fundamentals, Concentric, Melbourne Australia - Fatigue and Damage Tolerance, RMIT Sir Lawrence Wackett Centre, Melbourne Australia