• Nicolene S
  • Childcare Educator, High School Tutor
  • Last/current workplace: Paradise Kids
  • 39 years old from Beechmont, QLD


Dear Madam/Sir, I thank you kindly in advance for considering my application for a position as a Learning Support Assistant. I am a clinician and educator with a strong background in clinical research, education as well as therapeutic work. I am a proficient and compassionate clinician and teacher, as evidenced by numerous years of working and teaching in private, governmental and tertiary training facilities. I am passionate about advancing students’ learning and inspiring all individuals to reach their full potential. My most formidable professional strength is a strong background in both psychology and education, as evidenced by my qualifications and teaching experience. I believe that a background in these areas will offer a valuable and unique service to your organisation. Where I have undertaken clinical work I have often assisted individuals with learning difficulties, as described in my Employment History. At present I am engaging in further part-time post-graduate study in disability in order to assist others who face unique learning and life difficulties. I am also a candidate for the Master of Education program which continually expands my capacity to deliver education to individuals with various learning challenges and backgrounds. On a personal note I consider myself to be compassionate, understanding as well as discerning in my dealings with others. I work well within an organisation requiring exceptional communication skills with individuals from various cultural backgrounds. Thank you for taking the time to review my application. I look forward to the prospect of meeting you to discuss my suitability for this position.

Employment History

  • Paradise Kids

    • May 2014 - Dec 2014
    9. May 2014 - December 2014 Paradise Kids Duties Included: • Co-facilitate Intake Assessments to assess suitability for trauma and grief counselling • Worked with both children and their families in group programs specifically presenting psycho-educational strategies to target grief, trauma and loss • Provided feedback within a counselling group about client progress • Conducted client presentations within clinical supervision to further learning and promote client care and wellbeing • Strong consideration for the ethical and confidential counselling of minors in foster care situations • Co-facilitate several psycho-educational and support groups for clients in grief, loss and trauma situations • Conduct routine administrative tasks within the organisation relating to daily operation and counselling • Co-facilitated educational skills groups for parents about parenting, life skills acquisition, emotional coping, and motivation • Present cases in weekly meetings and discuss appropriate avenues for counselling intervention
  • Gold Coast Hospital

    • May 2008 - Apr 2009
    7. May 2008 - April 2009 Position: Psychologist - Gold Coast Hospital, Queensland Health Duties Included: • Provided clinical assessment and therapeutic intervention to clients to improve chronic pain management, aggression, stress management, grief and trauma-related symptoms, manage unhealthy or hazardous addictions or behaviours • Worked with an allied health team where cases were treated within a multi-disciplinary framework • Conducted frequent case presentations • Presented seminars to manage stress, mental health issues, chronic pain and trauma-related symptoms • Liaised with appropriate community services where required • Conducted and analysed psychometric measures • Followed an evidence-based practice paradigm for best client outcome 8. August 2009 - December 2014 Maternity Leave
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    Bond University Psychology Clinic

    • May 2007 - Aug 2008
    5. May 2007-August 2008 Position: Provisional Psychologist - Bond University Psychology Clinic Duties Included: • Conduct intake assessments and psychometric testing across a range of ages to assess mental health status, emotional and cognitive functioning and to devise the most appropriate evidence-based treatment • Conduct therapeutic interventions across and range of ages to deal with issues relating to grief and loss, trauma, cognitive deficits and learning problems, relationship difficulties, anxiety and depression. • Maintain comprehensive client notes • Liaise with the appropriate staff within the organisation and relevant referral agencies about client welfare • Compile client reports • Perform relationship mediation • Present cases and seminars to other students relating to case conceptualisation and treatment planning • Conduct psycho-educational individual and family group sessions for clients to learn appropriate coping strategies • Assist parents of children with special education needs to develop appropriate learning skills and environments • Liaise with staff at relevant school where child clients developed learning difficulties
    • Mar 2007 - Aug 2009
    4. March 2007 - August 2009 Position: Private tutor in psychology, counselling, English, and special needs education to students at school-age and tertiary education levels Duties Included: • Mentoring and motivating university undergraduate and postgraduate students • Assist students with writing assignments and prepare for exams • Facilitate online learning via students' specific educational facilities • Assist students with their study timetables and associated academic planning • Counsel students on their professional paths in the face of learning and life challenges • Conduct relevant administrative tasks associated with tutoring and private business • Assist students in identifying particular learning needs and counsel students to develop appropriate strategies • Proof read assignments and other relevant projects • Where special learning needs identified in school-age children meetings and school were attended to assist in the development of the most appropriate strategies to promote learning and development across disciplines
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    Department of Psychology, University of Melbourne

    • Feb 2005 - Dec 2006
    1. February 2005 - December 2006 Position: Doctoral Assistant Clinical Researcher under direction of Associate Professor David Andrewes - Department of Psychology, University of Melbourne Duties Included: • Leading and co-facilitating presentations and educational seminars about developments in research that formed part of a doctoral dissertation • Co-facilitate seminars in clinical settings to promote positive change in health care management • Conduct, present, and analyse research data collected as part of a clinical study • Prepare training material for students and colleagues at conferences, seminars, meetings, and tertiary research review gathering • Conduct relevant administrative tasks associated with seminar presentations


  • Education
  • High School Tutoring
  • Working with Children


  • Working with Children Check
  • Police Check

Education History

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    Griffith University

    • Ended Feb 2001
    1. Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Griffith University Degree commenced in February 2001
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    Bond University

    • Ended Dec 2003
    Degree completed in December 2003 2. Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with Class2A Honours, Bond University
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    University of Melbourne

    • Ended Jan 2004
    Degree commenced in January 2004 Degree completed in October . Doctor of Philosophy (Area: Neuropsychology), University of Melbourne
  • logo

    Bond University

    • Ended Apr 2008
    Degree awarded in April 2008 4. Master of Clinical Psychology, Bond University
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    Australian College of Applied Psychology

    • Ended Jan 2007
    Degree commenced in January 2007 Degree was not completed due to personal circumstances 5. Master of Counselling and Psychotherapy, Australian College of Applied Psychology
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    Flinders University

    • Ended Feb 2014
    Degree commenced in February 2014 Requirements for the completion of the degree achieved in December 2014; Graduation scheduled for May . Master of Education (Cognitive Psychology and Educational Practice), Flinders University
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    Flinders University

    • Ended Jul 2014
    Degree commenced in July 2014 Part-time Enrolment is current; Expected date of completion is July 2016 7. Graduate Certificate in Disability (Autistic Spectrum Disorder), Flinders University Part-time Enrolment is current; Expected date of completion is July 2016 8. Extra Training
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    Bond University and University of Melbourne

    • Jan 2006 - Jan 2007
    Training and mentoring received from senior lecturers concerning appropriate instruction to students at Bond University and University of Melbourne in 2006 and , respectively