• Michael P
  • Sales Person, Sales Assistant
  • Last/current workplace: Hammonds Furniture LTD Nutts lane
  • 35 years old from Perth, WA


My name is Michael Page and I am currently employed by Hammonds Furniture LTD as an ArtiCAD Manager/Trainer. I have held this position for over 4 years where I have trained all new/existing designers on the software package ArtiCAD. I also provide 24/7 support to the existing users (over 300). Throughout my time in the role I have developed the system with many updates in line with business needs and wants to keep the software at the top of what is possible. Also in time with the company I have maintained my role as a Sales designer meeting clients in pre-arranged appointments and delivering creative design ideas and sales with conversion of 50%+ selling various finance packages as well. I have also Helped train and support our ‘apps’ including Hammonds custom made ‘survey booking app’ and the payment app through the company worlday. Having recently being granted a Skilled Independent (Permanent) (Class SI) Skilled- Independent ( Subclass 189) visa ( spouse) my family and I are looking to immigrate to Western Australia in the very near future and I would be delighted if I could have the opportunity to join your company and progress my sales career. I am available for Skype/facetime or telephone interviews and we are looking at moving to Australia very soon just organising the last little things but we have the visa’s so we have the right to live/work in Australia.

Employment History

  • Hammonds Furniture LTD Nutts lane

    • Oct 2010 - Current
    Oct 2010 - present Hammonds Furniture LTD Nutts lane Hinckley Leicestershire LE10 3QQ Articad manager/ Trainer The role is to manage the development's/ new products from Hammonds onto the software package articad. It is also to train/support new and existing designers on the system. I have produced lots of training materials including you tube videos/ written guides to assist in the learning and distance learning. The role has expanded to help with the training and release of the company's 'app's' including a custom made survey booking app and a payment app from world pay. My main duties include • To train all new and existing designers' in bedrooms and kitchens on ArtiCAD. • To create a library of training material and make sure it is always up to date. • To manage the relationship between ArtiCAD and Hammonds and transit the info between the two companies in a sound way. • To keep all projects documentation up to date and all project sponsers up to speed of project status. • To make sure all new products/developments are delivered in a timely manner and be fully tested prior to release. • To make the Hammonds ArtiCAD system ' best of breed' by developing the system in a way the business needs it to. • To provide 24/7 support for all users of ArtiCAD. • To help develop and support the users of the Hammonds survey booking app. • To Train and support the users of the 'World pay' app and device. My role also has to have good administration skills including using excel to managing my diary for the whole company to see and access if necessary. My role also involves to maintain my skills as a design consultant and go out and see customers selling them solutions to bedrooms and kitchens. I actively do this as to keep the skill and because it makes me a better trainer.
  • Sharps Furniture LTD Bilston

    • Dec 2006 - Jul 2007
    And Dec 2006 - July 2007 Sharps Furniture LTD Bilston Sales Designer This role was a self - employed role visiting customers own houses on pre-arranged visits to design and sell bedroom/office furniture. My main duties included • Receiving pre made appointments, going to the customer's house and delivering a creative design solution for their bedroom or office and selling the provided solution. • Completing all paperwork and finance documentation. • Chasing outstanding customers and keeping deadlines for different design work. • Providing accurate plans for the furniture along with creative drawings and cad drawings of the rooms. • Maintaining at least a 40% conversion along with other KPi's


  • Sales
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Sales Management
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Customer Service

Education History

  • Glasgow Metropolitan College current

    Target Training Associates • Train the trainer advanced course Glasgow Metropolitan College
  • Batley High School for Boys current

    • HND/HNC in interior design and 3d design. Batley High School for Boys
  • Food Tech current

    • GCSE Grade B – Maths/ English Lit/English Lang/ Media Studies/Food Tech • GCSE Grade C – Science/Geography/ RE