• Lizzy F
  • Event Manager, Customer Service Officer
  • 32 years old from East Melbourne, VIC


I am a hardworking, dedicated employee seeking a challenging role within the sports industry. I am looking to apply my skills, experience and education for the betterment of an exciting organisation in an industry I am truly passionate about. I have developed a strong set of foundation skills within the commercial team at the Melbourne Rebels. Predominantly working within the area of membership and ticketing, I have benefited from the small team environment, as I have been exposed to all elements of commercial operations within a sporting organisation; including but not limited to event management, sponsorship activation / leveraging and marketing plans. I have developed a keen interest and a sound understanding of what is involved across the commercial operations portfolio and am eager to continue to develop my skills in other areas of the commercial business. I am seeking an employer who recognises my natural talent and will nurture, develop and support the growth of my career through guidance and structured professional development opportunities.

Employment History

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  • Sales
  • Inbound Call Centre
  • Data Entry
  • Marketing
  • Communication Skills
  • Customer Service