• Gustavo V
  • Sales Person, Business Development Manager
  • Last/current workplace: Verticalbooking.com
  • 37 years old from Sydney, NSW


I have 12+ years of experience in business development, account management and sales. I speak native portuguese, fluent english, advanced-fluent spanish and basic french. Some of the facts and numbers I have reached in the companies I passed: in 2013 - Responsible for duplicating the company's client inventory in 1 month through aggressive sales and new business development strategies. Interpac in 2012 - After 3 months in the company I was promoted to general manager, due to the high quality management of the company's key accounts such as Hyundai, and successful implementation of both sales and operational strategies. in 2011 - Responsible for a revenue growth in the brazilian market of 42%, and in new partners acquisition a growth of 359%. in 2010 - Reached sales and revenue targets in both regions I was responsible (Southeast and Northeast Brazil). Copastur from 2008 to 2010 - Managed the turning of the Bain & Company account from $2.5 million to +$7 million annual sales. For any further details, please refer to my CV. If any questions arise I’ll be more than glad to address them.

Employment History

  • Verticalbooking.com

    • Nov 2013 - Current
    • Nov/2013 current: Remote, Brazil. Position: Territory Manager LatAm. Activities: Representing the company in the LatAm market, managing Vertical Booking's customers and partners based in Brazil and other countries of South and North America. Responsible for seeking and opening new businesses opportunities and partnerships, including all necessary actions to acquire and maintain/upsell accounts, as well as providing Market consultancy through reports to the HQ in Italy. Also arranging and conducting special events, trainings, and off-site presentations for potential clients. In charge of identifying, attending and representing the company at trade shows and conventions as well as participating in sales trips to key feeder markets.
  • Dashbell.com

    • Jul 2013 - Oct 2013
    • Jul/2013 to Oct/2013: Remote, Brazil. Position: Business Development Manager. Activities: Focused on the Brazilian expansion market, setting sales goals and strategies for the region and establishing key partnerships. In 1 month I doubled the company's client inventory. Because of lack of budget and investment the company had to stop its operations here, adopting an online selling only approach.
  • Interpac Travel Turismo

    • Jan 2012 - Jul 2013
    • Jan/2012 to Jul/2013: Interpac Travel Turismo. Sao Paulo - SP, Brazil. Position: General Manager. Activities: In the corporate travel industry, started at the travel agency as a Commercial Manager, responsible for the following: Prospection and acquisition of new client partners, as well as account management of our key accounts such as Samsung, Hyundai, among others, using BI's system for account maintenance, reports and strategies. After 3 months I was promoted to manage all the areas of the agency. On top of the already described activities, became responsible with hiring and building the operational team, opening new market fronts such as events and leisure travel, and automating travel procedures.
  • Hostelworld.com Ltd

    • Mar 2011 - Jan 2012
    • Mar/2011 to Jan/2012: Ltd. Sao Paulo - SP, Brazil. Position: Regional Manager Brazil. Activities: Set up Hostelworld's office in Brazil. Hired, built and managed the team of account and sales executives, setting up sales and revenue strategies for the Brazilian market. Travelled through all the regions in Brazil straightening client relationships, elaborating workshops (even in Argentina for the South American partners), providing them with sales and revenue consultancy as well as detailed reports for growth at HW's website. We spotted a revenue growth in Brazil of 42% in 2011 compared to last year's same period, and in new partners acquisition a growth of 359%. Managed the recruitment of new team members, appraisals and 1-1 sessions with the team.
  • Booking.com B.V

    • Oct 2010 - Mar 2011
    • Oct/2010 to Mar/2011: B.V. part of Sao Paulo - SP, Brazil. Position: Coordinator Hotels South America. Activities: Responsible on giving hotels commercial support to increase their revenue, building relationships with partner hotels, assisting with the development of new markets in acquisition, creating databases of new target cities, gathering and interpretation of statistical information, supporting the handling of complaints and fraudulent bookings. Specialist in Booking Button tool for partner hotels websites and facebook. Reached sales and revenue targets in both regions I was responsible (Southeast and Northeast Brazil).
  • World Stream Turismo / Copastur Viagens e Turismo Ltda

    • May 2008 - Sep 2010
    • May/2008 to Sep/2010: World Stream Turismo / Copastur Viagens e Turismo Ltda. Sao Paulo - SP, Brazil. Position: Corporate Travel Supervisor. Responsibilities: Supervisor of the Bain & Company travel department, managed the turning of a $2.5M annual sales account to a $7M+ annual sales account. Overseer of the travel consultant's team, I focused on the account management, as well as in charge of the national, and mainly international traveling (ticketing, hotel and car reservations, inbound, etc.), focused at the partners and managers.
  • logo

    American Express Travel Ltda

    • Nov 2006 - Nov 2007
    • Nov/2006 to Nov/2007: American Express Travel Ltda. Sao Paulo - SP, Brazil. Position: Senior Corporate Travel Consultant. Responsibilities: Leader of the office at our client "GRUPO ESTADO", one of the major newspapers in Brazil. Responsible for all the national and international traveling of the reporters, photographers, board of directors, etc., including all the world traveling made with the president of Brazil.
  • Brazil-China Chamber of Foreign Commerce (CBCDE)

    • Jul 2003 - Dec 2003
    • Jul/2003 to Dec/2003: Brazil-China Chamber of Foreign Commerce (CBCDE). Sao Paulo - SP, Brazil. Position: Account Executive. Responsibilities: Responsible for the presentation of the chamber and association of companies from many different areas with CBCDE, encouraging the commerce between the two countries. Also worked for the commercial area of the chamber's magazine "Parceria Brasil-China".
  • Voyage Tour

    • Aug 2002 - Jul 2003
    • Aug/2002 to Jul/2003: Voyage Tour. Sao Paulo - SP, Brazil. Position: Travel Agent. Responsibilities: Responsible for the national and international travel consultancy, leisure and corporate. General public attendance.


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