• Fateh A
  • Construction Worker, Security Personnel
  • 23 years old from Cannington, WA


I saw the advertisement for a security guard online. I just graduated and my dream job or career pathway has always steered me towards something like security, surveillance and the army. Hopefully with this position I'd be able to gain the necessary skills needed for that. I've worked as a container unloader before, lifting boxes 30-40 kgs from place to place, I work out and play soccer often, so the physical side of things shouldn't really matter. To be honest, I don't bring anything to the table, I have no qualifications as I have just currently graduated from high school, however, I am passionate about what I do and willing to learn.

Employment History

    Takaza Restaurant • Kitchen Hand for a small family business Activities as Kitchen Hand - Washing Dishes - Taking out rubbish - Cleaning up - Taking orders and serving dishes Jump Star Trampolines • Manual Container Unloader for company - Lifting heavy equipment - Cleaning warehouse and work stations - Taking out rubbish - Working and co-ordinating with other workers on movement and placement of products - Applying labels on stock and preparing them for shipment


  • Labour
  • Security Patrolling