• Robert C
  • Store Manager, Retail Sales Assistant
  • Last/current workplace: SIMPLOT - GIPPSLAND FOOD COMPANY
  • 48 years old from Mornington, VIC


Looking for a position in Management, being either Retail or Warehouse. I have near 26 years of Customer Service experience, backed with several years of Retail Management qualifications

Employment History


    • Jan 2012 - Current
    SIMPLOT - GIPPSLAND FOOD COMPANY, Pakenham Victoria "A" Grade Machine Operator January 2012 - Current RESPONSIBILITIES: - Co co-ordinator "CHILLED MEALS" line supply - Full inventory stock control - Full inventory stock issuing/replishment - Oversee line plating staff insuring maximum effiency - Heavily involved in trials for new products and giving feedback to Line Manager and Team Co-ordinater

    • Oct 2009 - Dec 2011
    THE BEDDING CENTRE, Pakenham Victoria Store Manager & Warehouse Manager October 2009 - December 2011 RESPONSIBILITIES: - Store Manager of Pakenham of overseeing Warragul performance - Full responsibility of ALL paperwork both at Pakenham & Warragul stores - Warehouse Management control of all inwards and outwards goods - Staff supervision total 8 - Manage stock levels and regular spot stock takes

    • Jul 2008 - Sep 2009
    BEDSHED Cranbourne, Victoria Store Manager & Warehouse Manager July 2008 - September 2009 RESPONSIBILITIES: - Supervision of staff total number of 7 - Over see sales performance of all staff, weekly & monthly via KPI's. Setting weekly targets, GP, conversion rates and sales to finance - Maintaining Head Office, Regional Manager & my own store KPI's i.e.: GP %, GP $, Door conversion rates, P & L status, Stock Holdings $ Value, Average Transaction $ Value - Managing main off site and smaller size shop warehouse - Full maintenance of roster for both shop and warehouse staff - Banking responsibility of cash and cheques direct into head office account twice a week - Total control off inwards & outwards for container stocks for all 6 stores connected - Liase with Transport Company to disport all stock from docks to each store. On average 3 containers per month - Attend and represent store at each month Store Managers meeting and each members meeting held every 3 months - Responsible for employment at store and warehouse level - 100% understanding of Head Office set P & L figures. Working to each line to ensure maximum benefit required. Cutting costs where required to help store performance when needed ACHIEVEMENTS: - Having lifted store GP by 4% since July 08, purely by overseeing staff sales techniques and working closely to improve sales performance - Attending Phuket in 2008 with all Store Managers, Franchise Owners & all main Head Office staff conference - Minimizing costs through roster control - Rolling stock takes, both at store and warehouse to ensure theft, warranty claims and general $ values are safe. This is now mandatory though our 6 stores - Maintaining highest level of store presentation, as required via Head Office. Currently rated number 2 nation wide in visual store presentation

    • Oct 2001 - Jul 2008
    FORTY WINKS Dandenong, Victoria Store Manager In Training / Store Manager October 2001 - July 2008 RESPONSIBILITIES: - Reporting to STORE MANAGER / GENERAL MANAGER on a daily and nightly basis to ensure high level of communication - Maintain excellent customer service and professional selling - Full responsibility of store and staff whilst Store Manager/ Owner is out or absent - Ensuring warehouse(s) are kept neat and tidy for future deliveries - Dealing with customer complaints and related issues when staff is not able to satisfy customer requests - Maintain a high level of shop presentation, including full ticketing and great merchandising, as requested from Head Office - Balancing of till each night whilst on roster, accounting for days takings and handling any monies issues - Attending ALL in house, onsite and manufactures product training programs ACHIEVEMENTS: - Maintain high levels of professional selling and introducing regular in-house staff meetings and product training - Assistant with customer service issues on site - Up selling, cross selling, and maximum use of staff selling the correct product when needed - Have satisfied Store Manager, Franchisee Owner and Board Members requirements of meeting store layouts - Received numerous training certificates from top and well known Bedding manufactures i.e.: Sealy Posturepedic Tempur Australia Hycraft Furniture King Koil Wentworth Furniture - Having C/O set up brand new store (Narre Warren), setting up entire store layout, putting in place new tickets, setting up staff, costing and warehouse rooms, also helping staff with day to day procedures.

    • Oct 1997 - Aug 2001
    KEYSBOROUGH GOLF CLUB Keysborough, Victoria Assistant Manager to Golf Operations Manager October 1997 - August 2001: RESPONSIBILITIES: - Provide a high level of service for the benefit of members and guests - Merchandising - C/o manage the retail activities of the business operations - Budgets, meeting and understanding them - Invoice imputes and stock control - Professional selling of golf apparel incl.: Golf clubs Bags Clothing Footwear Rainwear Golf gloves - Meeting of clients needs e.g.: Lost items Dealing with complaints Telephone inquiries - Bookings and cancellations - Golf course supervision and timesheet management - Member's accounts and monthly statements - Corporate and trade bookings, cancellations and inquiries - Ordering, stocking and quantity control of all food, drinks and confectionary - Maintain excellent club storage, club cleaning and battery facilities ACHIEVEMENTS: - Right-hand man to Golf Operations Manager - Responsible of running of the business whiles Manager is absent or off duty - Established strong personal relations with members - Demonstrated outstanding interpersonal and leadership attributes - Constantly focused on motivating of staff to boost work ethics and sales - Developed extra strong customer service skills - Maintain a high level of professional selling - Kept communication between Management, Committee and fellow staff to the highest level required

    • Nov 1987 - May 1997
    ROBERT'S WOODWORK Dandenong, Vitoria NOV 1987 - MAY 1997: Manager / Director RESPONSIBILITIES: - In charge 100% of all business related activities - Managing company accounts and banking e.g.: Profit and loss figures Quotations and invoicing Accounts payable and receivable - Showroom sales e.g.: Up selling Cross selling Advertising Source business prospects - Advanced advertising and merchandising skills ACHIEVEMENTS: - a family long term business - 1991 Melbourne Exhibition Stall Holder - Gain a vast knowledge of customer service - Build a creditable business name


  • Sales
  • Shop Assistant
  • Retail Management
  • Recruiting and Rostering
  • Merchandising and visual merchandising
  • Cash Register Operation
  • Stocking and Inventory
  • Staff Management and Supervising
  • Customer Service

Education History


    • Ended Jan 1999
    1999 P.G.A. NATIONAL GOLF CENTRES CDB Melbourne Customer Service Program & Professional Selling - COURSE - Extensive customer service - Telephone skills - Professional selling - Handling complaints - Personal appearance BERWICK SECONDARY COLLEGE Berwick, Victoria