• Changkuoth l
  • Retail Sales Assistant, Cleaner
  • Last/current workplace: KFC Noble Park
  • 25 years old from Nundah, QLD


hi I'm applying for the position of cleaning i can do any type of cleaning from vacuuming to moping floors and bath rooms cleaning i have quite some experience in the field

Employment History

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    KFC Noble Park

    • Jan 2010 - Dec 2010
    2010 KFC Noble Park 9months My responsibilities were: Server all customers in a fast and effective way whilst sticking to strict KFC standards, when I was working I had to pay attention to OHS. I worked on the front counter where I had to be responsible for my own register; I had to count my own til before and after each shift as well as dealing with card payment. When I was working I also dealt with customer complaints and making sure that the restaurant was clean and tidy at all times to give the customer the best possible experience as without customers we would not have a job. Whilst at KFC I also became a cook were I had to cook all of the product that the MOD asked for whilst abiding to Strict OHS standards that KFC as. As a cook I had to make sure that everything was cleans at all times. Also making sure that no raw product and cook product came in contact with each other.
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    Qantas Ground Service

    • Jan 2009 - Jan 2013
    NCDA from 2009 to 2013 My responsibilities were Vacuuming the floor and whipping down tables and dusting the shelfs and cleaning the toilets. Qantas Ground Service Duties include the following: Handling baggage belt Inserting bags into plans and freight Bunning warehouse Duties include the following: Night fill restocking the shelfs Checking the price and greeting customers at the door. Skills: • Organisation skills • Working on my own • Punctual, reliable and honest • I have good understandings of Microsoft word • Ability to speak in front of people • Working as a part of a team • Working with people with different back ground • excellent communicator • speaks English very well • Interest • Playing soccer • Learning about different cultures • Hang with mates and making new friends


  • Sales
  • Cleaning


  • Certificate in Retail

Education History

  • Wellington Secondary College current

    Completed year 12 at Wellington Secondary College, Subjects: English, Business office administration, Business management, accounting, Legal Studies. Short course completed whilst at School: Certificate 3 in warehouse operations