• Esther S
  • Food and Beverage Attendant
  • Last/current workplace: YMCA
  • 22 years old from Lane Cove, NSW


Just before my year 12 final exams, I took a break from studying at Lane Cove Library, craving a cold and refreshing juice to keep me awake. Unfortunately I couldn't find any shops which sold what I was looking for, and jokingly said to my friend, "if we fail our exams, maybe we could open up a juicer in Lane Cove to fill the void!?" Then bam! A position as a "jurista" opens up in the heart of Lane Cove, a community that I am so passionate about. I then realised that you had already beat me to fulfilling my slightly ambitious dream as a young entrepreneur, to open a juicer in Lane Cove, but I knew this job was for me. My name is Esther Shim, I am 17 years old, have just completed year 12 at Ravenswood School for Girls and this year, I will be studying Arts at Sydney University. I am passionate about food, fitness and health. It was only when my grandfather, who lives with me, was diagnosed with cancer 5 years ago, that our family realised how important our lifestyle and diet was on our physical health. Since then, our family has taken a keen interest into the impact of different foods on not only preventing the spread of cancer within my grandfathers body, but also preventing cancer from developing in our own bodies. We have seen the remarkable impact of chinese herbal medicine, tomatoes and wheatgrass in his body and because I have witnessed such positive outcomes, I know the importance of health, fitness and food and would love the opportunity to support and spread the message of a healthy lifestyle within our community and learn more about juicing as part of thi job. I am a strong believer in team work and building rapport, not only in the workplace but within the community and with our customers. I was heavily involved with many extra curricular activities both inside and outside of school, whether it be leading the prefect body as school vice captain, playing in sport teams or being part of the orchestra. I love working in groups and know the importance of leadership within a group dynamic. While I do consider myself to be a leader, I know the importance of being a good listener and am constantly seeking advice to improve myself. People say that I am very extraverted: I love meeting new people, getting to know people and am very good at light hearted banter. I believe that these skills are important to create a positive and friendly atmosphere which is enticing and welcoming for both the customer and work colleagues. I have yet to have previous experiences in this industry, however I spent much of my schooling life volunteering for different organisations, as well as organising my own events. Behind this is the pursuit for an eclectic range of experiences which broaden my horizon, whether it be practicing discipline at cadets or cooking and serving meals to my church. I am a person who loves to try knew things and tend to throw myself into opportunities which help me grow as a person with a global vision. I am hard working, persistent and resilient, and I believe these qualities will assist me to cope and thrive in a high pressure and fast environment. I would love this opportunity to learn more and to serve others in a way that I haven't yet explored in my life. I am a fast learner and if given the chance to be a jurista, I can promise exemplary customer service, top quality banter, punctuality, hard work and keen interest to best serve the company and the people of our community.

Employment History

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    • Jan 2015 - Current
    - 2015 YMCA Youth Parliament Task Force (Internal Media and Public Relations Officer)
    • Jan 2013 - Dec 2014
    - School Vice Captain
  • School Prefect

    • Jan 2013 - Jan 2014
    - School Prefect
  • Youth Minister

    • Jan 2013 - Dec 2013
    - 2013 Youth Minister of Environment and Heritage (YMCA NSW Youth Parliament) - 2013 Treasurer of Hochun Presbyterian Youth Group
  • Hochun Church

    • Jan 2013 - Jan 2014
    - Events and Media Team Leader at Hochun Church
  • Knox Grammar School Cadet Unit

    • Jan 2013 - Dec 2013
    - 2013 Corporal in Knox Grammar School Cadet Unit - 2013 Ravenswood Environmental Protection Agency
    • Jan 2012 - Jan 2013
    - 2012 and 2013 Leader of Flute Section/1st Flute


  • Food and Beverage Serving
  • Other
  • Customer Service

Education History

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    Sydney University current

    Sydney University - Bachelor of Arts, commencing 2015