• Teresa M
  • Advertising Art Director, Graphic Designer
  • Last/current workplace: Print Finisher
  • 37 years old from Rivervale, WA


I am seeking to further my career after achieving six years experience as a graphic designer. It is my ambition to grow within creative communications and client service. My background to date within the graphic design and print industry has led me to advance with strong technical, creative, personal and social skills that would be well suited to a future creative role. I have become highly efficient in using Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator, operating on both PC and Mac systems.

Employment History

  • Print Finisher

    • Jun 2014 - Jan 2015
    Print Finisher (full-time), A Team Printing, Rivervale, Perth June 2014-Jan 2015 • Dealing with the final stages of the print product, using various print finishing machines and devices. • Finishing, packing and dispatch. • Coordinating with the sales and design team regarding final outcomes and finishes. • Contacting customers regarding dispatch information. • Contacting courier services regarding pick ups.
  • Happibee Cards, Co

    • Jun 2013 - Apr 2014
    Senior Graphic Designer (full-time), Happibee Cards, Co. Fermanagh June 2013-April 2014 • Piloted a new contemporary range of Irish, handmade cards. • Designed brochures, POS and seasonal offering to complement product. • Proofread and versed all print material. • Developed original ideas and concepts for new market potential. • Directed and designed the company logo, branding, graphic imagery and illustrations. • Manually scored, inserted and embellished product. • Organised and coordinated production teams and delegated duties. • Managed time scales, production and deadlines.
  • Vellum Gold Ltd Greeting Cards

    • Jul 2008 - May 2013
    Senior Graphic Designer (full-time), Vellum Gold Ltd Greeting Cards, Cavan July 2008-May 2013 • Developed the company image with a more competitive edge which resulted in increased sales. • Produced quality creative concepts, suited to target audiences. • Operated in digital based designing and also piloted a new contemporary personalised 'handmade' range. • Liaised with the company directors, the distribution team, the printing team and the production team on a daily basis to ensure full execution of product from initial concept to distribution. • Worked through conceptualisation, brainstorming, image editing and manipulation. • Selected suitable artwork from Image Source, Shutterstock and Image By Design, maintaining a company image library source. • Designed posters, flyers, logos, brochures and various promotional material. • Proofread and coined appropriate verses for all card designs. • Attended regular meetings with the associate distribution company, analysing sales figures, calculating and adapting to market changes. • Researched and studied social, cultural and popular fashion trends. • Operated a range of office equipment including printers, photocopier, scanner, laminating & binding machines. • Covered a broad range of admin duties in a busy office environment.
  • Name Cards

    • Jun 2008 - Current
    Graphic Designer/Artist (freelance), June 2008-Present • Commissioned to make a series of illustrations for Name Cards 4 U. • Contracted as a Graphic Designer for Frank Baxter Printing. • Contracted as a supply artist for local youth organisation. • Commissioned to plan and facilitate community event stage props. • Designed personalised Wedding invitations, business cards and advertising material. • Paintings, illustrations and photography.


  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Graphic Design

Education History

  • University of Ulster

    • Sep 2006 - Jun 2008
    • BA Hons Degree in Fine & Applied Art - University of Ulster, Belfast Sept 2006-June 2008
  • St. Comhghall's School

    • Sep 1999 - Jun 2001
    A’ Levels in Biology and Chemistry - St. Comhghall’s School Sept 1999-June 2001 • GNVQ Advanced IT - St. Comhghall’s School Sept 1999-June 2001