• Matt j
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Last/current workplace: Coles Supermarket
  • 31 years old from Melton West, VIC


By way of opening I am seeking a graduate mechanical engineering role, I have a large understanding of mechanical engineering from both a technical and trade view. (I have completed an advanced diploma and a degree in mechanical engineering and have at one point owned my own maintenance company.) I am ready and serious to create a career in a mechanical engineering field focusing on project management and design. I am willing to Relocate for the right position and commit 100 percent.

Employment History

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    Coles Supermarket

    • Aug 2012 - Current
    Coles Supermarket August 2012 - to current I am required to break down stock from the delivery pallets, sort it into aisle order and restock shelves. Responsibilities • Customer service • Customer relations • Replenishing shelves • Working to tight time frames • Actively dealing with customer complaints and resolving these matters • Constant face to face interaction
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    Spotlight warehouse

    • Nov 2011 - Mar 2012
    Spotlight warehouse November 2011- March 2012 Employed during a 3 month semester break. Responsibilities • Loading and unloading the delivery trucks with the forklift • Rotating stock around the warehouse • Maintaining safety practices when using the equipment
  • Convector

    • Nov 2010 - Mar 2011
    Convector November 2010- March 2011 Exportation and Importation of stock feed. Employed during a 3 month semester break. Responsibilities • I was the lead in sorting stock feed, using an electric chute to feed stock into the large shipping containers ready for export • Taking notes and associated paperwork and complete data run sheets • I was also using a fork lift to move, store and load full containers on to road transport vehicles on a daily basis
    • Jan 2010 - Current
    Car parts January 2010 - current I run a small, but profitable, business in which I am the owner/operator. This business involves me buying damaged motor vehicles and repairing them as well as selling off car parts. Responsibilities • Purchasing vehicles • Transporting vehicles • Removing parts from vehicles • Advertising parts from the vehicles • Dealing and negotiating with customers and closing sales
  • Auztek Engineering and Maintenance

    • Jan 2008 - Jan 2010
    Auztek Engineering and Maintenance (Polar Fresh) Involved maintenance on a cold distribution centre, this included all areas of the warehouse to maintain production. Responsibilities • preventative maintenance works • repair items damaged (bollards damaged by forklifts) • produce equipment to maximize safety (safety props for the loading docks) • general maintenance (painting, welding, grinding etc)
  • Engineering Maintenance and Solutions

    • Jan 2008 - Dec 2008
    E.M.S (Engineering Maintenance and Solutions) 2008 Responsibilities • Clean and fix machinery • Make brackets for signs as well as many odd jobs that involved using numerous types of machinery such as lathes, milling machines, hand and power tools • Working to tight time frames • General maintenance
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    • Jan 2005 - Jan 2008
    McDonalds Responsibilities • Customer service • Customer relations • Money handling • Replenishing shelves • Working to tight time frames • Actively dealing with customer complaints and resolving these matters • Cleaning the dining area Projects ? Final year engineering project Included the design of a fire refuge to sustain life in a bush fire scenario for 1 hour. Working closely with the Australian standards (AS 'Construction of buildings in bushfire-prone areas'), this incorporated all heat load calculations, material selection, modelling it for human survival (oxygen) and air-conditioning and ventilation.(can be viewed upon request) ? Design of the FSAE car radiator Optimised the current car by the design of a radiator/heat exchanger. This integrated the heat calculations for the engine and obtaining the optimum operating temperature to then determine the loss of heat required. This project was completed from scratch and can be viewed upon request.


  • Mechanical Engineering


  • Bachelor of Engineering

Education History

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    Victoria University current

    Education/ achievements ? Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering (Victoria University)
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    Victoria University current

    ? Advanced Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (Victoria University)