• Geraldine F
  • Administrative Assistant, Child Welfare & Family Support Worker, Childcare Educator, ... more
  • Last/current workplace: Griffith University
  • from Bowen Hills, QLD


I am interested in working with young people, young adult women, and the Indigenous community in a social services context. My degree is in criminology and criminal justice within which I selected courses geared to my interest in psychology, delinquency, and community. I am keen to work with members of the community who need guidance and assistance to enable them to lead a pro-social, constructive, healthy, and happy lifestyle. I am willing to work in any capacity to gain experience including as a volunteer. I am highly intelligent with a caring nature and an organised mind and will make the most of any opportunity I am given. Geraldine ield

Employment History

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    Griffith University

    • Feb 2014 - Jul 2014
    Feburary- July, 2014 Uniskills Study Group Leader Griffith University Mt Gravatt skills and attributes Problem solving •WELL DEVELOPED ABILITY TO IDENTIFY AND IMPLEMENT EFFECTIVE SOLUTIONS; EXPERIENCED AT EXCHANGING IDEAS AND ANALYSING INFORMATION; ABILITY TO APPLY THESE SKILLS TO THE AREA OF PROBLEM SOLVING •ABILITY TO APPLY CRITICAL THINKING TO PROBLEM RESOLUTION, PARTICULARLY IN MY CURRENT AND LONG SERVING ROLE AT BIG W. • WELL DEVELOPED LEADERSHIP ABILITIES; ABLE TO PROVIDE EFFECTIVE INSTRUCTION AND IMPART KNOWLEDGE IN CLEAR CONCISE MANNER WHICH IS A SKILL DEVELOPED THROUGH GUIDING NEW ASSOCIATES IN MY ROLE AS A LONG STANDING ASSOCIATE AT BIG W ABILITIES WERE FURTHER DEVELOPED WORKING AS A STUDY GROUP LEADER AT GRIFFITH UNIVERSITY - WORK WHICH INCLUDES TUTORING AND MENTORING LESS EXPERIENCED STUDENTS. • EXTENSIVE EXPERIENCE OPERATING WITHIN A BEST PRACTICE FRAMEWORK, IN BOTH AUTONOMOUS AND TEAM ENVIRONMENTS • TALENT FOR DESIGNING AND IMPLEMENTING EFFICIENT AND TIME- SAVING RESPONSES TO ORGANISATIONAL ISSUES. Communicating •Excellent verbal and non-verbal communication skills developed through professional and interpersonal interaction with teachers, peers, children, management, clients, customers and mentees. •Above average writing and literacy skills reinforced by university study requiring complex and lengthy written submissions. •Strong oral communication skills, developed through oral presentations in both a learning and teaching context. Effective communication is also a vital element of good customer service at which I have many years experience. Working within a team •Excellent teamwork skills, resulting from long-term employment within a company that boasts a team-oriented structure, as well as involvement in team focused university projects as part of my degree coursework. •Highly developed insight into team dynamics due to working as part of a highly-motivated, specialised team within the Big W staff •Able to work in an autonomous mode and have confidence in my abilities. •Confident and relaxed within diverse populations after extensive and varied life experiences characterised by personal, social and professional relationships that cover the full spectrum of human diversity. •In possession of high levels of professional and ethical standards that regulate all my professional behaviour. referees Tennille Ikin Uni-Skills Coordinator - Nathan, Mt Gravatt and South Bank Student Success, Griffith University, Brisbane, Qld.,
  • Open Doors Youth Service

    • Apr 2013 - Apr 2013
    April 2013 Volunteer Open Doors Youth Service Brisbane
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    Big W

    • Jun 2007 - Current
    June 2007- current Retail Associate Big W Queen Street Brisbane 4001
  • Chris Clarke

    • Jan 2007 - Dec 2007
    Phone: Web: Chris Clarke Department Manager, Big W Queen St., Brisbane Phone Thalia Edmonds Legal Representative, Queensland Teacher's Union. Tutor, Griffith University Email: Phone .


  • Sales
  • General Office Duties
  • Shop Assistant
  • Child Care
  • Retail Management
  • Nannying
  • Infant Care
  • Merchandising and visual merchandising
  • Consulting Families
  • Microsoft Office
  • Cash Register Operation
  • Stocking and Inventory
  • Hosiery
  • Housekeeping
  • Working with Children
  • Communication Skills
  • Customer Service
  • Time Management

Education History

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    • Ended Jan 2010
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    Griffith University

    • Ended Jan 2013
    and/or for further learning (Griffith University, 2013).