• Bianka h
  • Hospitality Manager, Administrative Assistant, Disability Support Worker
  • Last/current workplace: S U B WAY BUNDABERG
  • 24 years old from Mackay, QLD


My name is Bianka Hartley, Im looking for a new and exciting experience. I enjoy working hard and taking on new challenges. I have worked for a number of businesses as a supervisor and assistant manager. I would love the opportunity to work for your company, Although i may not have much experience in this field of work, i have had a fair bit of life experience. Im great with consumers and always striving to achieve new and better things out of myself. I'm self driven and motivated, friendly and a all round appy and bubbly person.

Employment History


    • Dec 2014 - Dec 2014
    S U B WAY 2 0 1 3 - DECEMBER 2014 *Training new staff. ! ! ! ! * Baking bread and prepping food. *Opening and closing the store.!! ! * Banking * Bidvest, ordering of stock! ! ! * Work place health and safety * Contact and dealing with suppliers.! ! * Fixing errors within the till & eftpos * Doing up rosters! ! ! ! *keeping work place clean Becoming apart of the Subway team has helped me gain so many skills. Helping me to further my ability to lead a team yet still be apart of one. Enhance my customer service skills, making the work place an efficient yet enjoyable environment. Understanding the importance of reaching goals set by the owners. BIANKAARTLEY REDROOSTER-ASSISTANTMANAGER 2 0 1 4 - CURRENTLYSTILLEMPLOYED. *Coordinating a team *Work place health and safety *Keeping everyone on task *Red space completed *Ordering *Cleaning *Stock take *Opening and closing of the store *Handling cash and EFTPOS *Handling customer complaints Throughout my time working as Assistant Manager at Red Rooster I Iearnt how to motivate team members to achieve store budgets, while ensuring exceptional customer service is always provided. Always keeping staff on task and motived throughout the day, keeping the store clean and well presented all day to drive sales. I learnt the understanding of visual merchandising techniques and principals.


  • Sales
  • Banking
  • Microsoft Office
  • Data Entry
  • Receptionist
  • Disabled Care
  • Elderly Care
  • Staff Management and Supervising