• Lotta K
  • Film & Photographer, Waiter, Retail & Property Developer, ... more
  • Last/current workplace: PRODUCTION TEAM
  • 23 years old from Cleveland, QLD


I am a Finnish- Australian university student looking for part time employment around my university timetable. I have a great passion towards art, and within my schooling life, I have been a part of the media crew in multiple events where I was part of photography shoots, setting up media productions for school assemblies, taking photos and video in school musicals and other art events around the school years. I also learnt how to use different Adobe and Creative Cloud programs to a high standard. I also have great experience in the hospitality industry.

Employment History


    • Jan 2013 - Dec 2014

    • Jan 2011 - Current
    CASUAL WAITRESS PINELODGE CARRIAGE ROOM 2011 - CURRENT My participation within the events has been wide. I have been part of the preparation as well as serving of the food. I understand and maintain healthy and safe work environment by constantly collecting used glassware as well as assisting with the overall kitchen maintenance. I occasionally handle money as a cafe worker and dealt with few complaints and requests from the customers, by maintaining a calm and polite manner. I am able to work with a range of coffee machines and have completed a course explaining a basic hygiene procedure. I have also prepared number of different coffees from a basic latte to a more complicated beverage. Within events, specifically weddings, I prepared and served alcoholic beverages. I believe it is important to keep the work environment positive, safe and the customers satisfied.


  • Property Development
  • Waiting Tables
  • Presentation Skills
  • Sales Assistant
  • Cash Register Operation
  • Media Outlet Skills
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Food and Beverage Serving
  • Photography
  • Front of House Duties
  • Communication Skills


  • Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) Certificate
  • Certificate in Hospitality

Education History


  • Sheldon College

    • Jan 2011 - Jan 2012
    I was a high achieving art student within the Sheldon College arts programs. In 2011 and 2012, I
  • was a part of the Australian School of The Arts

    • Ended Jan 2013
    was a part of the Australian School of The Arts (ASTA); visual art program in Sheldon College, which greatly enhanced my artistic view and the various ideas of compositions. However, in 2013 I switched from the visual art 'ASTA' program, to film, TV and new media ASTA professionals program. Throughout the course, I completed Certificate III in Media. I also completed Griffith University's Digital Media subject along with my year 12, finishing with a Distinction. I am greatly passionate about different forms of art, which comes up in my bubbly personality and my determined way of completing tasks to my best ability. My digital portfolio is available on request.