• Marco D
  • Store Manager
  • Last/current workplace: Nisbets South Melbourne
  • 58 years old from Keilor East, VIC


I am looking for the Store Managers role as advertised. I have over 30 years of experience and knowledge to offer. My style of Management is to lead by example and to manage those who require it. I have always kept one standard in mind ever since I started in Management and that is to keep the store full clean and tidy at all times. Wage and budget control are also on the forefront of any business that I have Managed. Also OH&S and team training are an import part to any business as well as the cross training of team members which all helps to improve the level of the customer service offer. Stock control and stock turnover is an area which I also have my sites clearly on. Customer service is not just saying hello to someone, it also includes the sufficient stock on show ie Full. Clear and correct pricing and the knowledge to detail any features and benefits to customers and a speedy and friendly experience at the service counter. And a final and sincere farewell. through

Employment History

  • Nisbets South Melbourne

    • Jun 2013 - Current
    Nisbets South Melbourne, Store Manager June 2013 current position As the store manager it is my duty to open and close the store. We service the catering of goods required by hotels, cafes and restaurants etc. Some of my duties are as follows, maintaining the stock levels in store, providing customer service both internal and external. Banking and invoice control. I also have the responsibility of the Ware house at the rear of the store. This warehouse entails the delivery and the dispatch of goods purchased over the internet. As we are the only store at this point in Victoria and I have the responsibility as the distribution centre for the state. As part of my duties I also do the canvassing for the store both by phone and door to door. We have built the store up to be the best store in the business both in sales, the presentation of the store and customer service.
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    Bunnings Thomastown Warehouse

    • Oct 2010 - Mar 2013
    Bunnings Thomastown Warehouse, Coordinator Oct. 2010 - March2013. Duties at Bunnings included stock management coupled with stock take preparations. Community service was part of the responsibility where we would donate goods and services to the likes of child care centers and hospitals. Morning meetings were held every day were OH&S as always discussed as this subject was a key issue of Bunnings. Customer service was always at the fore front. Other duties consisted of rostering, wage control, shrinkage control plus Banking, inventory control and the merchandising of end displays as well as floor stacks around the store. The 2ic duties which I performed included Remuneration control and detailed reports to head office. The opening and closing of the store were part of the rostered duties. The training of team members was a key issue as well; each full time team member was to do at least 38hrs of training each year. At Bunnings the recognition of good and consistent customer service is done by being presented with customer service badges. Leading by example, I was recognized for good customer service standards no less than 13 times. The results are derived from positive customer feedback.
  • Rays Outdoors

    • Jan 2007 - Sep 2010
    Rays Outdoors, Store Manager Jan.2007 - Sept 2010 At Rays Outdoors in Preston which was my first appointment, the store was under performing and there was no team work amongst the team members. I spoke to each team member one on one to obtain their goals and understand their issues. Once this was completed better customer service was achieved plus more team adhesion. I had sole responsibility for the cash management of the store plus stock take responsibility as well as wage control and rostering. Stock control was of concern at this store as far too much of the wrong stock was being held. We were able to correct this by returning over stocks to the warehouse and being in stock of the wanted items. Product training was organized on an ongoing basis for the team as well as for me. When working at Rays Outdoors in Preston with my team we made our store NO.1 for the Business in generating bottom line profit consistently. We also achieved an average score of 96% for our Mystery Shopper results. Company Bench Mark was 80%. Whilst at Maribyrnong I Managed two stores which included the Highpoint store as well, these stores were both underperforming. The Maribyrnong store posted its first profit using the same processes I used at the Preston store. We achieved consistent results achieving six figure sums. Under company direction I also presided over the closing of the Highpoint store as the business decided to cease trading of that store.
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    Big W

    • May 2004 - Jan 2006
    Big W, Store Manager May.2004 - Jan 2006 At Big W Hoppers Crossing I was responsible for over 280 people including 7 business managers. Daily duties consisted of store walks every day to 100 points. The delegation of the tour notes and of their completion. Banking was checked every day as well as reporting sales and wages figures to head office. Emails were checked and auctioned daily as well as the internal mail. Audits were part of the daily routine. These varied between departments and procedures of the store. Daily meetings were held when the night fill manager came in at 3pm. This meeting was quite detailed it include wages, shrinkage, stock control, rosters, absenteeism, carton counts and pallet counts for night fill. The internal mail was distributed to the relevant department manager. OH&S and return to work issues were part of the meeting. This meeting would take up an average 2hrs time every day. After the meeting it would be my responsibility to walk the store and stock room with the night fill manager to check the work load and any issues and opportunities that could be found. At the end of the day I would also walk with the closing manager with another store walk detailing any actions and opportunities for the night. Budget was achieved two years in row with team work and good customer service.
  • Go Lo

    • Apr 2003 - Apr 2004
    Go Lo as Store Manager April.2003 - April.2004 I was given the task of opening the new store at Broadmeadows. This involved the assembly and the filling of the fixtures of the store. We opened on time and under budget. Staff training was conducted by me, for the team that would stay at the store once it opened. Once the store opened and began trading my daily duties was to organize a team to fill the store and work the loads and fill the selves. Once this was done empty pallets were put outside. By late morning it was all customer service and any merchandising opportunities were done throughout the day. With recovery of the store was done during the last hour of trade. At the end of day all register trays were brought to the manager's office with the register operator. They would then balance the tills and on completion finalize all the paper work then the banking deposit was done by me. We were able to get this store to achieve budget on the first year as well as make positive profit gains. The store to trade well achieving budget for the two years I was there. I also took the supervisor role whenever he was on leave.
    • Jan 2002 - Mar 2003
    Sports Mart, Store Manager Jan. 2002 - March 2003. At Sports Mart Moorabbin I was hired to clean up the store. Merchandising was an issue as standards varied across the store. It was my duty to speak to each department manager and discus how each area was to achieve the required standards. Tickets and clear pricing was rectified and displays were all fixed and kept in good order. Path ways were also rectified through the store. Each area was given sales targets to achieve and daily walks and notes written were conducted to maintain the standards and disciplines. The team members were good with their product knowledge and customer service. Some of the customer service skills needed some fine tuning which was achieved through specific training at the store. It was also my responsibility to investigate the theft and loss of monies and stock that was occurring at the store. With the CEO and I were able to find the problem areas and trouble spots. By thoroughly investigating the discrepancies we were able identify the individuals which lead to arrests being made. I was also in charge of the Warehouse operations and distribution of stock to the other stores. This involved the picking and packing of stock for the other stores as well as for my own store.
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    • Jun 1999 - Nov 2001
    Kmart, Store Manager Hoppers Crossing June.1999 - Nov 2001. This ended a 24 ½ year career with the Coles Myer Organization I was made Manager at the Hoppers Crossing store in June of 1999 the duties included Wage control, Budgets, Shrinkage and expenses. The store was trading well and making budget. The issues faced at the store were of team moral as there had been previous disputes involving Union intervention. These were brought to my attention and it was my responsibility in insure good relations between all staff and Managers. By keeping open and honest communication with all parties and address issues as they came in. This lead to fewer issues and a happier team in the long run while managing the store. I also managed the store through the year 2000 without incident, plus during the GST price changes which was a very labor intensive process. Also the stock take results came in which were in line with company expectations. At Kmart I was also given the task of supervising and the training of the young and troubled youth from the Doxa program. I dealt with 3 individuals form this program over time and felt a great sense of achievement. As at the completion of the program the 3 individuals were given employment. Two achieve part time employment and the other made it to fulltime employment. roles as Project Manager World 4 Kids' As Project manager for World 4 Kids it was my duty to get stores open and ready for trade. This operation first took 9 weeks to complete. I achieved productivity gains through time management and my hands on approach and was able to open the 11 stores in all in less than 6 weeks each. As a result a comment was made about me, which reads "We thank Marco for his tireless efforts an in many cases achievement of the near impossible". Previous roles . Super Kmart 3years Super Market Management 13years in the fresh food industry FMCG


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