• Rami F
  • Security Personnel
  • 47 years old from Greenacre, NSW


Hi I'm looking for a security job in a professional environment, i have 4 years experience in security and exceptional customer service skills i'm a quick learner, self motivated and very organised and well groomed.

Employment History

    • Jan 2013 - Dec 2014
    lnner Gity Marine Martne Boat Fitter and lnstaller a Assembly of boats, windscreens and interiorfittings a Instal I depth sou nderslfis hlmari ne radios etc a Pluntbing of bait tanks and bilge pumps a Rigging and De Rigging inboard and outboard motors a Seruicing and oilchange on motors and legs a lnstall trailer lights and wiring a Boat detailing and polish
  • Self Employed

    • Jan 2012 - Jan 2013
    Self Employed Air condition Mechanic a Seruicing Automotive Air- condition sysfems a Checking for leaks and faults a Re-gassrng a n d testi n g systems a CustomerSelice

    • Jan 2008 - Dec 2011
    SNP SECURITY Sydney Airport Security and Protective Senrices a CustomerSeruice a S*urityScreening a Operati ng x- ray mac h i ne a The use of hand held scanner a Pat down and body search a The use of walk through machine and detection Protective services a Photo lD check and face recognition skills a Manning high security gates and access areas a Manning high security alert system 24/7 a Reporting incidents to relevant authoriti* a Following repoft writing RESUME Ramiawal


  • Security Guards
  • Crowd Control Management


  • Security Officer (Crowd Controller) Certificate
  • 1AC Security Licence Course
  • Certificate II in Security Operations

Education History

  • Sect training Academy

    • Ended Jan 2007
    2007 Certificate ll Security Operations (Sect training Academy)