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  • Systems Analyst, IT Consultant, Help Desk and IT Support Worker, ... more
  • Last/current workplace: IBM Client
  • 54 years old from Chadstone, VIC


I am an IT Business analyst with strong background in IT software development. I also have a part-time role of mortgage consultant. I am looking for opportunities in IT business analysis or IT project management as my first preference. I can also work in customer service office administration / coordination .

Employment History

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    IBM Client

    • Jan 2009 - Dec 2009
    Position: Technical Business Analyst / Production Analyst / Test Analyst 2009 IBM Client: Telstra OSS PS&M ISL-FUL, L3 Mediator Analysis Project overview: The Mediator is an integration services layer which sits between the BSS (Business Support Systems) and OSS (Operations Support Systems) layers. L3 Analysis team maintains the systems interfaces between CC&B, OM-FUL (Order Management and Fulfilment) and the legacy systems. Duties: • For each identified problems or issues, perform problem diagnosis and interfaces analysis by consulting documents and the system architects. Produce finding response and produce solution in technical specifications. Participate in daily problem discussions (tele-conference, involved multiple external vendors from Australia and other countries). • For new initiatives, produce complete response pack to the business which consists of customer requirements documents, gap analysis, the proposed work structure and technical specifications (utilised Use case diagrams, UML, work-flow diagrams to define systems interconnections) • Ensure correct connection and communication of inter-connected systems and environments. • Act as the liaison point between the development team, architects, testers, external vendors, incident managers, and client representatives. • Perform system defects management, analysis and provide solutions. • Manage RAID log and produce management reports. • Train the Infosys IT consultants.
  • MCP Group Pty Ltd

    • Jan 2000 - Current
    Company: MCP Group Pty Ltd 2000-Present Position: Part-time Mortgage consultant Duties: • Clients networking and relationship building • Interview clients and discuss their lending needs, propose loan structures and recommend suitable lending providers. • Gather clients' details and supporting papers. • Produce mortgage application package and lodge application with banks and institutions. • Liaise with clients, solicitors, real-estate agents, banks and governments bodies during the loan application process. • Provide A-Z application and banking support to the clients. Update and guide the clients through each step of the loan application process. Professional Experience - IT (full-time, main job)

    • Jun 1995 - Feb 2000
    Company: ORICA / DULUX 6/1995-2/2000 Position: Analyst Programmer / Data conversion Analyst Project Overview: Maintain and develop the Customer Information & Ordering system, the Manufacturing Inventory & logistics system, and the Finance system with all interfaces. Duties: • Maintain and develop modules for the Dulux customer orders & manufacturing systems and all the accounting / finance interfaces: Accounts Payable & Receivable, General Ledger, Warehouse Inventory, Products Formulating, and Sales Performance & Forecasting. • Analyse the Business requests in the pool then distribute and coordinate technical work in response to the requests. • Provide modules training to the business when required. • Perform Internal Quality Auditing. • Perform data mapping and data converting for the SAP conversion project. • Technical tools: Natural / ADABAS on MVS mainframe; Natural / Pro4 / Informix on Unix AIX; PL1; PREDICT.

    • Nov 1994 - Jun 1995
    Company: DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE 11/1994-6/1995 Position: Analyst Programmer/ Test Analyst Project overview: Major enhancement of the Civil & Criminal offences system in Victoria - REEVES and PERIN. Duties: • Gather business and technical requirements, perform analysis; produce technical specifications for the debtor's accounts and interfaces. • Develop and test the software • Technical tools: Natural / DB2 / CICS on Fujitsu / MVS environment, PREDICT.
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    • Feb 1992 - Nov 1994
    Company: AUSTRALIAN TAX OFFICE 2/1992-11/1994 Position: Analyst Programmer / Test Analyst Project overview: Major Review and Redevelopment (Business improvement) project to rebuild the Child Support system. Maintain the Higher Education Contribution System (HECS) application Duties: • Develop, enhance, and support the Software Accounting system for the Child Support system and the HECS debtor accounts, as well as the tracking and revenue collection systems. • Participate in business improvement process and the review-&-redevelopment the Child support system. • Technical tools: Construct - Natural code generator, Natural/ADABAS on an AMDAHL mainframe; MVS/ESA operating system, JCL, JES2, TSO, DFSMS, RACF, ISPF/PDF, SDSF, PREDICT. COBOL / Telon / CICS / DB2 / JCL / TSO on MVS mainframe, Expeditor, File-Aid.


  • Information Technology (IT) Skills
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  • Bachelor of Information Technology (IT)

Education History

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    Monash University current

    Bachelor of Applied Science, majoring in Computer Science, Statistics & Operation Research. Monash University - Melbourne, Australia