• Brent P
  • Security Personnel
  • Last/current workplace: Aspen Pharmacare - Wright Surveillance
  • 53 years old from Atwell, WA


I am a seasoned professional with extensive HSEQ, Security and Risk Management, CCTV, Operations Management, Transport, Warehousing and Logistics Management expertise comprising of +25 years experience.

Employment History

  • Aspen Pharmacare - Wright Surveillance

    • Jul 2003 - Jul 2014
    Aspen Pharmacare - Wright Surveillance - Port Elizabeth, South Africa Period: July2003-July 2014 Position / Title: AreaManager Responsibilities / Achievements: Responsible for the effective management of the Security and Risk department including Plant and Warehouse protection of Aspen Pharmacare Port Elizabeth and East London. These duties include: Development and implementation of health and safety compliance management systems and the maintenance thereof within my teams including development, implementation and maintenance of security regulation compliance management systems including development of an Incident, accident, near miss and complaint assessments including proposed risk mitigation measures, by implementation of a deviation reporting methodology. Development of an effective security plan and communications system, implemented a Security roles and responsibilities policy which was published for the pharmaceutical facilities. The Management and control of all contracted security officers, ensuring that the correct level of guarding takes place. My objective was to maintain a safe and secure working environment. Ensured that adequate CCTV coverage is in place throughout the factory site and on the perimeters and that effective monitoring thereof takes place. Review, advise, manage and control of high risk products, scheduled raw materials and finished product. Review, advise and implement corrective action concerning the transport and disposal of all factory waste including the control and monitoring of the waste disposal area. Management of the access control system ensuring that it meets all administrative and site safety requirements. Negotiated and implemented daily meetings with departmental management to ensure that all incident reports are followed up promptly and that appropriate case management issues and queries we closed out. Implemented comprehensive monthly reports detailing all activities on site, regarding safety and security. Overseen major projects and ensure the implementation and smooth running and maintenance thereof. Quarterly audits of the fire protection systems and all safety equipment reporting all shortcomings and recommendations. Emergency Coordinator for all real emergency and Fire drills. Conduct quarterly site security surveys, providing written reports whereby any shortcomings are highlighted and the appropriate corrective action is proposed. Setting of objectives and targets and implemented site safety and security KPI's. Implemented an incident Investigation and Auditing database where all matter is reported and recorded, this procedure rectifies numerous anomalies in employment terms and conditions, reducing safety and security risks at the various facilities. Drafting and maintenance of safety and security Standing Operational Procedure. IT System Requirements: Knowledgeable in the following programs, Lotus Notes and Smart Suite; MS Excel; Word; PowerPoint and Visio Express; NPS BAAN, Pragma -maintenance, Process Compliance Deviations system, QUMAS Doc Compliance.
  • ADT - Wright Security

    • Nov 1996 - Jun 2003
    ADT - Wright Security Port Elizabeth, South Africa Period: November1996-June2003 Position / Title: ContractSecurityManager Responsibilities / Achievements: Customer service; Human Resources / Salaries &Wages / Training &Development Security Management / Operations Management (Day to day running of business); Staff Supervision; Client liaison. Operations Monthly Safety / Security meetings with company directorate Personnel management. Ensure high standards are maintained by regular training and evaluation of staff. Handle all H.R. issues and disciplinary Hearings and counselling matters. Planning of all rosters. See to the welfare and happiness of all staff. Ensuring that company policy regarding all vehicular and pedestrian movement is carried out. Ensure that all access documentation is correctly completed. Monitoring of company vehicles. Investigations Carrying out of all investigations to Incidents Threat related Incidents or Safety hazards. Compiling formal reports. Threat Analysis Monitoring of (FR 1200) Fire detection System. Ensure that all safety policies are maintained in factory areas. Compiling of reports, correspondence regarding upgrading of safety and security aspects. Ensure that regular training is carried out regarding emergency procedures e.g. Evacuation drills, bomb threats and unrest situations.
  • Coin Security Group Port Elizabeth

    • Feb 1987 - Nov 1996
    Coin Security Group Port Elizabeth, South Africa (Chronological order) Period: February1987-November1996 Position / Title:
    • Jan 1987 - Jan 1988
    Security Officer
    • Jan 1987 - Dec 1988
    Security Officer National keypoint officer Port Elizabeth Airport Supervision of officers on site. Inspections, cargo checks and client liaison. ChiefSec/Officer Supervisions / Inspections of Port Elizabeth Harbour (Portnet). In command of 4 Supervisors and 32 officers. Duties included the Apprehension and arresting of Trespassers, loss control from Container berth. Co-ordinating Specialevents. Safety systems and Access control procedures. JuniorOP'scommander Site Manager Weapon control. In command of 1 chief sec officer and 8 officers. Reported to the Branch Manager. Safety Representative.


  • Security Guards


  • 1AC Security Licence Course

Education History

  • PE Technical High School

    • Ended Dec 1984
    (chronological order) City /Country Port Elizabeth - South Africa Institution PE Technical High School Details PE Technical High School Completed December 1984 City /Country Port Elizabeth - South Africa Institution PE Technical High School Details Completed a 3 year welding as technical subject - Oxy - Accetalene welding, mild steel copper coating &brazing, MIG &TIG welding, Arc welding City /Country Northern Transvaal (Gauteng), Cape Town and Port Elizabeth - South Africa

Personality Type

The Duty Fulfillers