• Vera P
  • Retail Sales Assistant
  • Last/current workplace: WHOLESALEOFCHINESEANTIQUES
  • 64 years old from Ivanhoe, VIC


I am an adult aged, full-time student at RMIT looking for some evening work after school hours from about to Thursday . I have substantial retail experience of a very high standard and believe good service ensures customer loyalty and business growth. I am cheerful and friendly and happy to follow the instructions of my hours would suit me the best as I also require time on the week-end to complete my school projects. I live in Ivanhoe and have my own car. I think I'm reliable and trustworthy and hope you are able to find a position for me.

Employment History


    • Jan 2002 - Dec 2002
    WHOLESALEOFCHINESEANTIQUES, SYDNEY My last significant retail related position was as an importer and wholesaler of "high-end" Antique Furniture and Decorative Arts from China, Japan and Korea. My main outlets at the time were Corso de Fiori (who had 6 stores at the time) and Coco Republic (also 6 stores). These were really the only stores at the time to carry the high quality range I preferred to specialize in.

    • Jan 2000 - Dec 2000
    SALESPERSON, CORSO DE FIORI, SKYGARDEN, PADDINGTON, NORTH SYDNEY, MELBOURNE & BRISBANE I worked at Corso as a salesperson in 3 stores across Sydney. In this role staff also negotiated with decorators, real-estate agents, architects and film set-decorators sourcing suitable product for their needs. Corso was a high end retailer specializing in: contemporary Italian furniture, upholstery and soft furnishings, and traditional ceramics and decorator items.. We also provided a decorator service involving home visits. . Massimo, the owner, incorporated my knowledge of Oriental Antiques and we developed these lines very successfully which gave an eclectic ambience to the range.

    • Jan 1998 - Dec 1998
    VERA AVLOVICH Work Street Work City, Work State Work ZIP T Work Phone F Work Fax Phone W Work URL STORE MANAGER, DICKSON FURNITURE, MOORE PARK SUPACENTA In my position as store manager I was responsible for all facets of store management and presentation. Initially a 12 month contract extended to nearly 3 years. Within 3 months I was able to increase takings from $20K/wk to a stable $45K/wk but poor "back-end" management prevented me from moving to $60K/wk, and beyond, to rival "Oz Design" our nearest competitor. I also arranged all aspects of a trade fair to expand the company into the wholesale area. I advised on stock purchase, stock control and expansion and the re-design of new/or popular lines. I added a great line of contemporary leather sofa's in new contemporary colours which fitted the bright seaside feel of Sydney and were very successful. Initially, I undertook all sale responsibility until sales stabilized. I then hired and trained retail staff and a merchandiser to weekly oversee store presentation.

    • Jan 1997 - Dec 1997
    SALESPERSON.. PART-TIME, COUNTRYMANOR, MOORE PARK SUPACENTA, SYDNEY At Country Manor I was engaged in all facets of customer relations, store decorating and merchandising.
    • Jan 1995 - Dec 1995
    ASSISTANT FLORIST, THE CAMMERAY FLORIST, MILITARY RD, SYDNEY In my time there I engaged in all facets of floristry: counter sales, filling orders, taking care of stock, (both cut flowers and plants), taking and completing orders, creating arrangements, managing accounts, and engaging in stock purchase from Flemington wholesale markets. I introduced a number of successful lines including: expanding our range of native cut flowers (my pet love), a range of dry or long lasting lines to build our "decorator" style items. I also arranged a line of pots we imported from Lombok, Indonesia. We also assisted growers from NSW and the N.T. Govt. to design, arrange, maintain and attend trade shows for both local and International clients in Melbourne and Sydney and designed promotional material.

    • Jan 1984 - Dec 1984
    OWNER, VICH & LOVE ORIENTAL ANTIQUES, KEW As owner of Vich & Love I was engaged and responsible for all facets of running the business. Initially I sourced stock locally, then later, traveled to Japan, China and Korea, to source and purchase Antique Furniture and Decorative Arts, religious statuary and textiles. I arranged all facets of importing, engaged in restoring furniture and undertook store sales. I engaged in store presentation, decoration, and merchandising. I designed the store profile, and designed and produced all advertising and promotional material. I managed staff and implemented a complimentary decorator advisory service. VERA AVLOVICH Work Street Work City, Work State Work ZIP T Work Phone F Work Fax Phone W Work URL


  • Sales
  • Retail Management
  • Sales Assistant
  • Cash Register Operation
  • Stocking and Inventory

Education History


    • Ended Jan 1981