• Byunghae L
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  • 54 years old from Mount Isa, QLD


My name is Byunghae Lee and I currently reside in Mount Isa. I’m looking for work and have just over 7 years of underground mining experience. I have enjoyed working here thoroughly but missing out on sea fishing has been my biggest challenge, therefore I would like to relocate to a place closer in proximity to the ocean. I’m happy to move wherever my job will be within the next couple of weeks. I am an honest, hard worker, a fast learner and a very dedicated individual who has an ambition to succeed in any environment. Although I already have excellent machine operating skills, I’m always driven to learn more. I am able to work in close quarters and maintain good relations with others, whilst also working efficiently on my own. I am seeking a position where I can further develop my skills while giving my best to an empoyer.


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