• Lola A
  • Administrative Assistant, High School Tutor
  • 27 years old from Sydney, NSW


I am a qualified and experienced individual who is willing to work. I decided to live the adventure of the W&H Visa in Australia and I am coming from Madrid, Spain. In 2018 I completed my Master’s studies of Renewable Energy and Environmental Engineering at the Technical University of Madrid. This has given me a range of relevant qualifications that will meet the needs of this role. While completing my studies and after them I have been developing my professional life towards the dissemination of knowledge among students, teaching and coaching (both group-based and individual). Recently I worked as Intern Tutor for ASTEX in Madrid. My responsibilities in this role included developing and delivering courses at different subjects and levels, evaluating and promoting the best teaching techniques and maintaining professional meetings. This position, as well as my previous experience in education, has given me key employability skills for this position while also allowing me to experience working in an international team of professionals of the education sector. I am reliable, puntual, adaptive and easy-going!


  • General Office Duties
  • Teaching
  • Receptionist
  • High School Tutoring
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Communication Skills
  • Customer Service
  • Time Management


  • Bachelor of Science