• Adam M
  • Payroll Officer, Administrative Assistant, Construction Estimator, ... more
  • 29 years old from Botany, NSW


ADAM ILIC 116 Tenterden Rd BOTANY, NSW (Date) (Contact Name) (Title) (Company Name) (Address) (City, State ZIP) Dear (Courtesy) (Contact's Last Name), Please accept this letter and attached CV as an application for the position of X-Position with X-Company. My professional expertise lies in business administration, project planning, strategic planning, process development, business development, inventory management, and operations management. With that, I am excited to bring an experienced perspective to the X-Company community. In my most recent role I worked for Trade Capital as a supply chain specialist and project manager. My role involved, leasing with stakeholders: buyers (retailers/construction firms), sellers (manufacturers/distributors) and consumers (retailers/tradesmen). Arranging deliveries and creating delivery timelines upon client request. My role included managing the accounts using Xero, this was detailed book keeping work ranging from invoicing to reconciliation of income/expenses. There was also a service side included offering client services in the form of: estimation work, project management and budget allocation for construction sites. The work experience I am most proud of is successfully managing a seven figure lighting upgrade done by IKEA across five major stores in three different states. My work ensured over eight thousand light fittings were installed on time and on budget within a four month window, an almost impossible task. This experience proves that I can bring tremendous value to your organisation if I am placed well. I left my old role to pursuit a postgraduate degree – Master of Analytics at UNSW which I am currently passing at distinction level. During my study breaks I would love to contribute to your company. Therefore, I am currently looking for one to three month full time contract work from 27/02/2020. With that said I am perfectly ok with both day/night shifts and more casual temp roles while working on my degree and would gladly accept payroll or data entry work. I have previous work experience in both of these fields. My work experience extends to face to face customer service and government jobs which have taught me: how to make customers feel welcome, follow procedural processes, formal formatting and advanced email writing skills. Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to the opportunity to speak with you about my candidacy in greater detail. Sincerely, Adam ilic


  • Data Entry
  • Data Analysis
  • Payroll
  • Project Management
  • Construction Cost Estimating