• Fillip R
  • Kitchenhand, General Labourer
  • 17 years old from Balgowlah, NSW


I have a strong desire to help out and provide useful service, I'm confident and outspoken, am great at adapting to new environments and integrating to team dynamics, I have a positive outlook and am motivated by challenge. I am a dedicated and hard working individual. In my free time I enjoy to play sport, hang out with friends and partake in outdoor activities. I am an active individual who always likes to give new things a go, I enjoy broadening my skill set and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I skate and surf as a hobby and I regularly train Brazilian Jiujitsu. I am committed to my studies in school and dedicate myself to achieving good results.


  • Work Health and Safety (WHS)
  • Kitchenhand
  • Labour
  • Cleaning
  • Food Handling and Preparation
  • Remove Rubbish and Rubble From Site
  • Demolition
  • First Aid