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  • Registered Nurse
  • 24 years old from Adelaide, SA


As a graduate nurse from Flinders University and AHPRA Registration been done, please accept my application for the aforementioned vacancy. I am an enthusiastic candidate with all the skills necessary to join an exemplary elderly home, hospital or clinic and contribute to patient care at the hospital. Some of the learning outcomes from my degree programme include: ? Deliver nursing care as safe and therapeutic practitioners based on justifiable decisions derived from clinical reasoning and the best available evidence, taking account of the broader contexts of health and health care ? Providing nursing practice on a holistic understanding of a person’s health status within their social context ? Practicing with an understanding of knowledge from supporting psychosocial and science disciplines ? Applying the principles and processes of nursing enquiry ? Engage in research activities that promote and improve nursing practice and the profession ? Adapt their nursing practice to the requirements of any situation, individual or group ? Ability to function as an effective member of multidisciplinary healthcare teams ? Capability to apply the University graduate qualities to their professional lives. I believe my educational background and placement or clinical experience will be extremely beneficial to your facility. Just as with Fortis Recruitment Pty Ltd, during my rotations at wynnwood nursing home,Shenjing Hospital, Resthaven and Estia Health Salisbury East I performed basic physical assessments of older adults and documented patient histories. As noted in my resume, I obtained excellent skills in patient evaluation during my nursing internship. I have a demonstrated ability to provide patient care that focuses on all facets of a person’s physical, emotional, physical and psychosocial condition. During my clinical placements and my clinical experiences, I successfully completed all my rotations at Wynwood nursing home,Shenjing Hospital,Resthaven, Estia Health Salisbury East, Lyell McEwin Hospital and Modbury Hospital. Here, I learned a range of nursing skills on the job, whilst developing the ability to think on my feet and problem-solve. I especially enjoyed my rotation on the Aged Care wards and hope to one day specialise in these areas. The nursing preceptors were especially impressed with my skills on my placements and offered me a professional reference. I have acquired skills in patient assessment and gained a solid foundation in providing holistic nursing care that focuses on all aspects of a person’s health. I am passionate about nursing and I realise that patient care requires a solid foundation in nursing skills and techniques, organisation and prioritisation of care, and communication skills. I have gained the confidence and skills to care for multicultural patients efficiently. Besides, I feel comfortable working together with other healthcare professionals. These skills, along with my compassion, patience, and patient advocacy, are what I offer as a graduate nurse. I welcome the opportunity to discuss this position in person in relation to my education and experience at your convenience. If there is any additional information you would like me to provide, please feel free to reach me at the contacts above. Your time and consideration are greatly appreciated.


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  • Registered Nurse (RN)