• Xinyue R
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  • Last/current workplace: Guangzhou Zhixin Middle School
  • 22 years old from Carlton, VIC


Hi! My name is Xinyue Ru and I go by Ellen. I am an easy-going person with a good manner for most of the time. I have several experiences as a teacher and my colleagues commented on me as an active girl seeking for work to do and always diligent to fulfill all the tasks assigned. Meanwhile, I am passionate and enthusiastic to meet more new people and I always enjoy embacing a new life and a new community.

Employment History

  • Guangzhou Zhixin Middle School

    • Dec 2019 - Dec 2019
    My main duties included classroom observation, tutoring students and evaluating students' academic performance. During the time the students took two mock exams and I took part in correcting their papers. I showed an active attitude towards tasks assigned and I had great communication skills with the colleagues as well as the students, which helped me gain favor from people of various age groups.


  • Other

Education History

  • The University of Melbourne current

    Three years ago I started my life in Uni as an international student. Not only did I constantly make academic progress, but also I did broaden my horizon after I stepped in Australia, a land of beauty and mystery.

Personality Type

The Duty Fulfillers