• Selim E
  • Mechanical Engineer, Pick Packer, Warehouse Allrounder, ... more
  • 34 years old from Grovedale, VIC


I just came from Turkey due to my wife new job. She is working at Deakin University as a researcher. In the meantime I am looking for the jobs. I graduated from Mechanical Engineering. I have over 10 years experience in Automotive sector. I have managed many R&D projects in Automotive in my last job. Before that I worked for FIAT as a Test Engineer. When I was working there, I met with carbon fiber and composites because of lightweighting. I have been interested in automotive all my life. I worked as a Automotive Journalist for many years. I have 2 patent application (one approved)


  • Production
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Cost control
  • Product Development
  • Production Management