• Lincoln H
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  • 34 years old from Huntly, VIC


My name is Lincoln Hunt, a ardworking, friendly and outgoing guy. I like working hard outdoors as you can tell I have worked in the media and now I want a change. In the past jobs I have worked in the elements on a regular basis whether it be wind, rain, snow or heat. I am looking for a job that will keep me outdoors. I have experience brush cutting and mowing grass, digging holes, building fences, painting and using various tools like drills, saws, spanners, levels. All the time being as safe as possible. I spent 15 years as a Cub, Scout and Venturer going on camps, hikes, leadership and initiative courses. I have worked as a team leader for youth and as such, had my turn at cleaning kitchens and toilets! My passion for the great outdoors and the experiences I have shared and embraced have instilled a strong sense of responsibility and a love of new challenges.


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