• Siyuan F
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  • 22 years old from Melbourne and Inner Suburbs, VIC


My first internship was in the Accounting Department at SUNAC. I worked onsite as a cash accountant at different sales centres and was fully responsible for recording daily sales, registering daily returns, and issuing invoices for customers. When reviewing the daily sales vouchers, I noticed that the signatures on some receipts were inconsistent. I reported this to my supervisor, and she adopted my suggestion to add an additional confirmation step. This internship gave me a better understanding of a company's internal financial processes. During my next internship at the Bank of Ningbo, I visited several companies with my supervisors for further due diligence research on concerning issues like payment and billing, through which we obtained first-hand information, in addition to what the financial statements presented. Form this internship, I learned to analyze financial statements and understand the reality behind these numbers to make a valid judgement on the operation of a company.


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