• Sean T
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Last/current workplace: Shanghai BILIBILI Technology Co., Ltd.
  • 25 years old from Zetland, NSW


good at in English and Chinese full knowledge about computer about python and shell familiar with dns & ntp

Employment History

  • Shanghai BILIBILI Technology Co., Ltd.

    • Jun 2017 - Jan 2019
    1. Responsible for the daily maintenance of idc machine room, skilled use of ansible playbook for automated operation and maintenance 2. Participate in building and iterating the intranet DNS of the b station, replacing dnsmasq to bind 3. Connect with third parties to assist in the development of cmdb asset system, and complete daily operation and maintenance, monitoring and asset records 4. Have a certain shell and python script programming ability, familiar with mongodb, mysql, redis, rabbitmq database, haproxy, keepalived, lvs and other load balancing, understand nginx, php, ftp, ntp and other deployment architecture


  • Python Programming Language
  • Bash (Unix Shell) Scripting
  • Electrical Engineering
  • PL/SQL


  • Bachelor in Electrical Engineering