• Izaak W
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  • 15 years old from Sanctuary Lakes, VIC


My name is Izaak Warren and my phone number is . I am suitable for this role because I am really hard working so if you give me a task I will do it to a great standard. I am really friendly so if I have to answer the phone to help someone with there request or if someone comes in to the office I will be super friendly and try to get their request as good as I can. I am also really dedicated with every task I do. I do have a lot of achievements and volunteers engagement. At my previous school I became a ICT leader and last year I was a Cassidy House leader. But I have also helped out in a lot of volunteer engagements. I have not had that much of related experience but that why I was hoping to do a job like this so I could get more experience and enjoy the whole job. I am also looking for a fast food job as ell and having these skills can be really important in not just fast food but any job.


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