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This is for us to be able to contact you directly about your account, certain candidates or future promotions. Your phone number will never be displayed to candidates. Candidates will only be able to contact you once you have made the first point of contact. 

Our candidates hear about OneShift through our social media websites and presence in the media. We have a large online following to our LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram pages and 175,000 followers on Facebook. Many candidates learn about OneShift through other candidates who have successfully found work through OneShift.

Candidates are also appealed to the brands that work with us including Nike, David Jones, Sumosalad and Coles.

You will be able to view all of the information a candidate includes in their profile, this usually consists of a profile photo, resume, contact details, location, skills, experience and qualifications.

You can view the people you are matched to for up to 15 days after posting a job. 

We have a range of pricing options depending on the number of job ads you wish to post. You can view all of our packages at 

To repost a job simply open your OneShift Jobs account and you can see all the previous job roles you have shared with us. Just press 'Repost' and this will automatically be reposted, or if you want to edit this simply press 'Edit'. Reposting a job will use one credit of your total credits available

You will only be charged once we have verified your card details and you begin to post job ads 

No, tinstantly be matched to the right candidates and contact these directly you will need to join OneShift at  

Yes you can cancel your account at any time, completely free of charge, just contact us at

You can contact those candidates that you have been matched to as soon as you have posted a job with OneShift and the matching process is complete. You can then make as much or as little contact with the candidates you have been matched to. 

The majority of positions will request just a CV, but many require a cover letter also. Where an application mentions a cover letter it is best to include one - a full application is important just as a full profile is important!

If a cover letter is required and you don't submit one, it's likely that your application will not be as strong as others who have included one in their applciation.

The importance of a cover letter however is debateable; some companies or employers will choose to overlook the cover letter and focus on your CV which holds the bread and butter about you i.e. your skills, experience, qualifications, education. However, some companies or employers will hold more importance for the cover letter than your CV, as a cover letter is your chance to express your interest in the role, how passionate you are about the company and how much you know about the company, and also whether you would be a good fit for the company's culture.  

To start your OneShift account create a profile at 
Make your profile as full as possible by including a profile photo, your resume and all of your skills, experience and qualifications. Having a complete profile will improve your chances of being matched to the right jobs for you.

You can only contact the employers you have been matched to, and only after they have first contacted you.  

You can edit the Location in your profile by logging into your profile and selecting 'Edit'.

You will automatically be matched to jobs that are right for you based on the details you include in your profile. The more details you include, the more likely you will be matched to the right job for you.

Employers will contact you if they feel you are right for a job role, however once the role is filled you will get a notification to let you know. New businesses join OneShift every day so keep checking your account and emails to see which new job roles you have been matched to.    

We have found that employers are 40% more likely to contact those candidates whose profile includes an image of themselves. Employers like to put a face to the person they are contacting. Profiles that include photos appear more professional, and are more complete than those without. Make sure that your photo is professional, a simple headshot works well (no 'selfies' or profile photos of other people, cartoons or animals - believe us, it happens!) 

When a business posts job ad they choose how much or little information they include about the business and them as an employer. After you apply to a job role and the employer contacts you, that is your opportunity to find out more information about the employer and the job role.

You can upload a new resume to your profile or edit the current one by logging into your account and going to the 'Edit' section.

Firstly, check your internet connection is working, try refreshing your browser, or try using a different browser. We recommend using Google Chrome.

If you are still having technical issues you can contact us at  
We recommend that you send a screenshot of what you can see on your screen 

Check your junk email box, internet connection and check that your email settings accept emails from external companies. If you are still not receiving our emails you can contact our support team at 

We are sorry to see you go, but if want to unsubscribe from our emails just scroll to the bottom of an email you received from us and click on 'Unsubscribe'.  

Google retains personal information but you can contact Google at to request for these to be removed.  

If you wish to leave us, we will instantly close your account and remove your details from our database. Just go to

You can change the email linked to your account and other contact or personal details by logging into your account, going to the 'Personal Information' section of your account and then 'Edit'.  

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