Young Aussies over-eating, over-sexed and underemployed

Friday 15 March, 2013
The Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth report to be released in federal parliament today has found that young people (up to 24yrs) are over-eating, over-sexed and underemployed. One in three young people are overweight or obese, one in six are not working or studying and the teenage pregnancy rate is well above the international average. It also shows more than one in 10 young people suffer intense psychological distress, and one-quarter worry about family conflict. ARACY chief executive Dr Lance Emerson said a national action plan for young people was being formulated to assist state and federal governments to "increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their investment in our future generations." OneShift feels that in terms of youth employment more could be done to encourage businesses to hire young people. Unfortunately current legislation being proposed to cement fixed penalty rates and regulate small business owners is keeping a lot of young people out of work. What the government defines as insecure employment is often exactly what the majority of young people need to suit their uni or home life schedule.
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