World's First Hoverboard!

Thursday 23 October, 2014


2015: The Year Of The Hoverboard?


Next year is the year. The year claimed by ‘Back To The Future’ to have flying cars and more importantly…hoverboards. Well, all I can say is, well done Director Robert Zemeckis, well done. You weren’t too far from reality!


Hendo, a company created by a California couple, have introduced the world’s first hoverboard! And it's still only 2014!


Ok, so the hoverboard can only float over a metal surface. And ok, the battery life is pretty terrible. And all for only $10, 000! An absolute bargain! Sarcasm aside, how cool would it be to ride a hoverboard to work?!


I gather this new concept has received a bit of criticism because there have been so many other prototypes in the past that have failed to follow through with the goods. And even though this is far from perfect, it’s an awesome start! Give it a few years. Then i'll consider splashing out the cash.


One of my favourite parts is that, despite all the setbacks, they’ve gone ahead and already designed a hoverboard park!


Hendo Hoverboard Park

Source: KickStarter


Side note:


Every time I think of hoverboards, I think of this song. Seth Sentry is an Aussie hip-hop artist (and a personal favourite of mine) and this song could not be more relevant for this article. So do yourself a favour…



Seriously, though guys. Hoverboards. It's a thing. The world is finally catching up with all those futuristic movies with flying cars and crazy technology! Well, sort of.


If you want the more specific scientific details behind this breakthrough (incase my depiction wasn't informative if), check out this IFL Science article.

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