World Cup Fever

Monday 14 July, 2014


Well, the FIFA World Cup 2014 has come to an epic close. Which you already knew. Germany won! Something else that you already knew. They scored in the 113th minute…you may not have known that but that’s what happened.


It's been a month of excitement for soccer fans across the country, rising early to support their teams at the nearest pub or watching live on their screens on the comfort of the couch. And after a tense match for both Germany and Argentina, the Germans secured their crown by scoring the first and only goal of the match to win them the victory of the FIFA World Cup 2014!


But I'm not here to help you relive that exciting match. Nope! I'm here to bring you a different, slightly more entertaining, angle on the world cup proceedings... 



First up, I’ve got ‘Everyday Football Fouls’ – a YouTube hit that was uploaded just last week of soccer fouls that occur in everyday life. It’s a real gem!





Secondly, but not necessarily second in quality, I bring to you 'Cats and Dogs watching the 2014 FIFA World Cup 2014' (my personal favourite starts at 0:48).





Some serious quality entertainment, please enjoy!

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