Words From A Traveller, Not A Tourist

Thursday 7 August, 2014


Born in Germany, raised in France, spent six months living in six different countries and here she is, in Australia on a student exchange program. Not too shabby for a 23 year old, wouldn’t you say?


For Clara, travelling is one of the most important things you can do in life. She wants to be able to take advantage of her current situation and push it to the limits. In other words, she wants to see and experience as much of the world as she can before the working world grabs her up!


“Travelling forces you to exit your comfort zone all the time and meet people from different cultures.

It makes you see the world with different eyes and reminds you that there is so much to discover in this world”.


She confesses that she hasn’t yet being able to find work that combines her passions and qualifications in a job (still plenty of time for that!), which has only encouraged her more to live life to the fullest now. “I work to live, and take life as it comes in full breaths!”


Clara is what we call a traveller, not a tourist. She doesn’t travel to other countries for a change of scenery. She’s either working or travelling, experiencing the varying cultures and people, always with a purpose in mind.


Even when I asked her about her favourite thing about Australia, I have to admit, I was expecting an answer along the lines of the beautiful beaches, sunny weather or the “she’ll be right” attitude of us chilled Aussies. But no, her answer? Her favourite restaurants in Melbourne…so far. I like where her head is at!


“My favorite thing is definitely the fact that Australian cuisine combines culinary western classics with pan-Asian flavors and tweaks. My favorite restaurants (in Melbourne) have been “Chin Chin” and “Rice Paper Scissors” so far: amazing atmospheres and menus!”


She’s living the dream. Experiencing all she can right now, in the moment. This is what we encourage all of our OneShifters to do! Work to the extent that you are able to experience & see all you can now, not in your retirement. So I’ll leave you with a little advice from our travelling friend Clara…”life begins at the end of the road”. 

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