Why your Chefs need to be Instagram-hungry

Thursday 1 October, 2015



It’s a well-known fact that social media is changing the hospitality industry – from how customers make a booking, to how they order a cappuccino from their local café. But the biggest change right now is the photo-worthiness of food, and Chefs have no choice but to join them when creating a new menu.


Today culinary creatives are forced to prioritise the photo-worthiness of a dish over how a dish tastes. In fact, Chicago-based food research and consulting firm Technomic Inc., discovered that photo-worthiness of a Chef’s dish was the 2015 top trend of restaurant strategies for pulling in custom.


It sounds far-fetched but it’s the real deal. The Millennials and younger generations live digitally, and unless they can take a “newsworthy” snap of what they order then it’s game over.


“You eat with your eyes first” is a well-know statement that came out of hiding well before the evolution of the smartphone. And now that really has come to life!


And you know what they say – if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.


So when you’re recruiting for a top-quality Chef and other kitchen staff, or your Chefs are making menu changes, make sure they are well rehearsed with the latest #foodporn trend. When a customer orders in a Hospo environment, smell, texture and taste are replaced with the only sense needed – sight! If the food and drink on your menu isn’t photogenic, then make sure your Chefs or Cooks redesign ones that have the Instagram factor.

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Heather Doherty

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