Why Employers Don’t Waste Time with Incomplete Resumes

Wednesday 9 April, 2014


A complete and up-to-date resume is one of the most important tools in catching the attention of a potential employer. Even though we don’t expect hiring managers to read each and every applicant’s resume in great detail, it’s safe to say they’re much more likely to completely overlook an application which doesn’t include sufficient information, the most basic of which is the document in question.


Here are the top three reasons why a resume is essential if you want to get hired:


A resume proves that you’re qualified

In some fields, employees are hired based on their professional network and personal connections, but the majority of us have to prove to the hiring manager that we deserve the job. The resume is the most important tool used to showcase talent and potential before any actual interviewing or meeting takes place. A good resume will provide the potential employer with detailed evidence of the candidate’s work history, highlighting their relevance to the position in question.


It shows that you care about the job

Not only does a resume show employers your experience and qualifications but also that you’re serious and passionate about the work you do. If you send out an application that shows long gaps between jobs or study, or if it doesn’t include a list of skills or other unexplained information, employers will not take the application seriously because it send a message that the applicant doesn’t take their work seriously either.


It proves your knowledge of the working world and your industry

Understanding the rules of the game, including the rules of recruitment, plays a huge part in showing professionalism. Because having a resume is essentially the foundation on which the entire recruitment process is based, it’s important to show employers that you understand, and are willing to play your part in the process. Those who don’t play by the rules are generally considered time-wasters and are overlooked. I.e. If the candidate doesn’t understand the need to present a strong resume, what else don’t they understand?


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